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What would you do if you had access to everything there is to know about celebrity diets, or that latest Hollywood couple, or just about anything that’s controversial? There’s a show on VH1 that gives its viewers access to the whole Hollywood thing.

VH1’s series of original specials offer an insider’s look into the world of rock & roll. It sheds light from money to fashion to feuds and more. ‘All Access’ is a magazine and lifestyle show that embraces celebrity and current pop culture.

Getting “access” to these kinds of information has been for the most part shocking. Viewers find out the kind of lifestyle there Hollywood hunks have been living and for a split second- gets a taste of what it really is like to be famous.

One of the most watched All Access episode deals with celebrity diets. Read on to find out about our favorite Hollywood stars’ eating plans. All Access did not disappoint when it gave out the secret food lifestyle of your movie stars and pop icons.

All Access cited carbs as the culprits. It’s not how much they eat that makes them fat, it’s what they eat.

The Zone, Atkins, Sugar Busters and The South Beach Diet are just a few of the many low-carb eating plans that have helped stars like Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cindy Crawford and Bill Clinton to shed pounds and keep them off.

Model Carol Alt sings the praises of eating only raw food. Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow credit their yoga prowess to their macrobiotic diets.

Animal activists Pam Anderson and Alicia Silverstone have foregone their Ugs to embrace a vegan lifestyle. All Access mentioned that getting healthy and losing weight means finding inner peace and joining PETA.

Another amazing piece of information is how actors have to gain weight drastically. Actors take their art very seriously, and if an Oscar worthy role comes along, gaining (or losing) 30 pounds to snag the part is just a drop in the KFC bucket.

Robert DeNiro, Renee Zelwegger for Bridget Jones, Tom Hanks, Matt Damon and Charlize Theron for Monster have all either gained or lost substantial weight to portray their characters convincingly.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts is on the limelight for making these stars gain 25 pounds before a shoot begins, and how many salads it takes to lose them once the production wraps.

The show also game its viewers access to the weird and sometimes unreal endorsements these stars have. Got a little blue blood in your veins? Weight Watchers might be the diet for you, just as Fergie.

Want to take a funnier approach to weight loss? Then maybe Whoopi Goldberg can make you smile about Slimfast. Are you the eccentric type? Anna Nicole Smith may be your TrimSpa ticket.

Let’s face it, dieting isn’t easy. But it’s almost impossible if you are predisposed to obesity.

Al Roker, Carnie Wilson, Randy Jackson and Sharon Osbourne all resorted to having gastrointestinal surgery when their weight problems became life threatening. All access gave the insider’s look to losing weight without shedding sweating a bit.

The cutest bit in this show was having to Find out how stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, Elizabeth Hurley and Cindy Crawford took off their baby weight.

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