A Guide to Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil


Fish oil is the best known source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Pharmaceutical grade fish oil is purified and filtered and is the best fish oil supplement. According to Dr. Barry Sears, best-selling author of the Zone Diet, even if a person eats fish three to five times per week, a daily fish oil supplement is still recommended.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to the body, but the body does not produce omega 3 fatty acids, so omega 3s must be obtained from food. Years ago, parents gave their kids cod liver oil which was nasty tasting and smelly. Today’s many pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements are a much better alternative and are usually purchased in capsule form, so they are easy to swallow and easy to add to a healthy diet.

What is so important about omega 3 fatty acids?

The omega 3 fatty acids found in pharmaceutical grade fish oil help the body to rebuild brain cells and maintain healthy brain function. Fish oil has been shown to improve the symptoms associated with arthritis. It is hard to say which is the one best fish oil benefit, because there are so many. Studies have shown that omega 3 fatty acids in the diet may reduce the risk of heart disease and even cancer, but the beneficial effects on the brain may be obtained in a matter of weeks.

Fifty percent of the brain’s weight is fat and one third of its mass is omega 3 fats. Since we know that we must consume omega 3, because the body does not produce it on its own and most of us do not eat fish often enough, our best alternative is a pharmaceutical fish oil supplement. Certain conditions like depression and attention deficit disorder have shown improvement after pharmaceutical fish oil supplementation. People report improved memory and ability to concentrate after adding a high quality fish oil supplement to their diets.

There is always the question of quality when it comes to purchasing vitamins and other dietary supplements. The best advice is to read the label and make sure that the company is using pharmaceutical fish oil. The best fish oils, those containing the most omega 3s, come from fatty fish. One of the most interesting pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements we’ve found and use ourselves is made from Hoki.

Hoki is a deep water fish native to the pristine coast of New Zealand, and is naturally very high in the two crucial types of Omega 3’s, called DHA and EPA.

Regardless of what kind of product you buy, the best fish oil is always pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements.

Your health depends on it, so why not buy the best?

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