A Guide to Omega 3 Capsules


Omega 3 capsules, taken as a dietary supplement, may prevent coronary heart disease. Research has shown that DHA and EPA fatty acids found in omega 3 supplements, particularly those containing fish oil, may increase levels of good HDL cholesterol in the blood stream, while lowering triglycerides.

Doctors and scientists believe that good HDL cholesterol helps to remove bad LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream, preventing artery-blocking build-up known as atherosclerosis. Omega 3 capsules also lower triglyceride levels which are high in most people who have coronary heart disease.

In other words, the use of a daily omega 3 supplement may help guard against heart disease and possibly strokes.

But it gets even better….

The brain also benefits from the DHA and EPA fatty acids found in omega 3 capsules. About one third of the brain’s mass is DHA. The body does not produce DHA on its own. It must be consumed in the form of foods like fatty fish and leafy greens or in the form of omega 3 supplements. Studies have shown that increasing DHA levels in the bloodstream, by adding an omega 3 supplement to a patient’s diet, may help to lesse the symptoms associated with mild depression and attention deficit disorder.

Omega 3 fatty acids help to maintain and rebuild brain cells and tissues. In patients who have arthritis, omega 3’s in the form of fish oil may reduce the need for anti-inflammatory medications. (Talk to your doctor about this).

It is important to choose omega 3 capsules that contain high quality molecularly distilled fish oil or what is sometimes called pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Omega 3 supplements which contain fish oil are most easily used by the body.

A really good choice is an omega 3 supplement from New Zealand which contains the oil of the Hoki fish. The Hoki fish is naturally high in both DHA and EPA fatty acids and because the waters around New Zealand are so clean, the chance of this fish containing contaminants like mercury are extremely low. On top of coming from among the world’s cleanest waters, the product ungoes molecular distillation to move any chance of impurities in the fish oil.

Evaluation of some inexpensive fish oil omega 3 fish oil products which were not molecularly distilled showed unsafe levels of mercury. Levels of contaminants are particularly high in fish swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

Flax seed oil omega 3 supplements do not contain DHA and EPA fatty acids, but a precursor known as ALA. The body must convert ALA to DHA and EPA for use by the brain, heart and other organs. This is why doctors and scientists generally suggest fish oil omega 3 capsules.

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