15 Really Easy Ways to Burn Off Calories


1. Cheese is good for you, but the fat is not. Try this: Zap cheese in the microwave and drain off grease.

2. Exercising before you eat just makes you hungrier. Exercise AFTER eating when the body has to work
harder to digest food.

3. Don’t eat while watching television. You can become so engrossed in your program that don’t
realize how much you are eating.

4.Too many people skip breakfast. Eat in the morning when the body burns more calories.

5. Water mixed with fructose suppresses appetite better than glucose with water or diet drinks.
Drink a glass of orange juice one half to one hour before a meal.

6. Avoid shopping when you are hungry – eat first!

7. Stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Yes, they are very convenient.
They are also loaded with fat and/or sugar, not to mention the chemicals.

8. The ads are soooo compelling. Cut fast food from your diet!

9. Eat more fish but avoid breading or batters. Fish oil is good for you.

10. Steam your veggies instead of boiling them. They’ll taste better and you’ll retain more of their
nutritional value.

11. Go ahead and snack, just snack on good stuff, like raisins, nuts veggies, and dried fruit.

12. Never eat while you are standing.

13. Don’t sample when you are cooking. A taste here, a little bite there and before you know it you’ve eaten
an entire portion without sitting down at the table!

14. Don’t give up potatoes. A baked potato has 0 grams of fat and only 160 calories. Just don’t eat fries that weigh in at 13 fat grams and 480 calories!

15. Beware of misleading claims. Reduced fat merely means that the item has 25% less fat. Use common sense.

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