Why are you fat?

Why are you fat?


Question Number One. You are fat because:

a. You eat too much

b. You don’t have the strength of character to push yourself away from the table

c. Your unmet emotional needs force you to find solace in comfort foods

d. You are a lazy slob who doesn’t exercise enough

e. None of the above

The answer is “e.”

Think about it. How could it be any of those other things? Obesity is a national plague. What happened? Did suddenly everyone turn into losers? Did everyone all at once develop these characteristics and that is why eight out of ten of us are overweight?

No. It’s none of these. You — and most other people Americans today — carry too much adipose tissue because our national diet is an unnatural diet.

It has nothing to do with you and has everything to do with the “foods” we eat today.

Want to make one dietary change that would get rid of your fat forever?

Eat nothing that comes in a box.

That’s it. Instead,Why are you fat? Articles make the bulk of your diet fresh vegetables and fruit. Stay away from the middle of the grocery store. Instead buy most of your foods in the produce section and the dairy section.

Following that one simple rule will have you living at least 80% of the natural life style that you were meant to live. Following that one simple rule will mean inevitably that the surplus fat on your body will melt away and disappear.

Now then, if you have room for not one but two simple suggestions, and you want to speed up fat loss, make sure to add a soy-based protein powder to your diet, something along the line of Natural Life Protein Plus. Including this in your diet boosts the level of growth hormone in your system and this hormone is probably the most powerful fat burner in existence.

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