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Well I feel it is safe to assume everyone who wants to cut back on food and diet, is attempting to lose weight and trim up in some manner.

Many types of diets plague the internet today, confusing those out there seeking help. Some of these diets include low calorie diets, high fiber diets, no protein diets, no carb diets, and even the “eat this tiny piece of cracker and lose 30 pounds tomorrow” diets.

Well, I’m sorry to say these diets might work the first week or so, but do not expect any more results past that. These type of diets tend to make people lose water weight, which is the first type of weight to go since it is easiest to lose. Thus, when people diet for a week or so, they will lose a couple of pounds right off the bat and feel great. But come that third or fourth week, they haven’t lost a single pound, they wonder why and become depressed. The reason for this is water weight. All the water weight left their body and now those low calorie diets, or food group avoidance diets are hurting them. When your body lacks a key ingredient, it shuts its metabolism down to a very low speed because it isn’t functioning properly. Or, with a low calorie diet, your body feels as if it is going into a “starvation mode”. It shuts down its metabolism and will actually begin to store the low amount of calories as fat. It’s simply nature and part of survival.

The newest craze however is the Fatloss4idiots diet, or the new lifestyle diet as its called. This diet consists of shifting calories around rather then cutting them out all together. Shifting calories keeps your body guessing whats coming next. When your body is not stuck to the same routine, it will run its metabolism high to keep up with what might come next.

I have reviewed the fatloss4idiots diet at http://www.burnfatbefit.com and have noticed great results. By shifting calories and using this specific plans features, people are losing up to a pound a day in a very healthy nature.

If this is something you are interested in then i highly recommend reviewing the site on your own time.

Rick Hughes


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