Weight Loss And Fad Diets


Fad diets encompass a whole range of methods to temporarily lose weight. Many of
diets are unsafe. We constantly hear about new fad diets in the market. Fad diets
generally work as follows:

For a period of time you are instructed to restrict you diet to a select group of foods or
to purchase prepared foods from the diet company. You may also be told to restrict your
eating or to count calories. These diets vary but it is not uncommon for fats to be
eliminated in these diets. The reaction to this starvation diet is that your body eliminates excess water. You’ll also experience a rapid loss of weight. This initial weight loss is due to water weight.

As you continue to starve your body, after the initial water loss, you’ll start to burn
muscle mass. At this point it still is not burning fat. Of course, the excess fat is the
problem behind your weight problem. The truth is that while you continue to avoid
fats, your system will try to preserve the fat that it has stored. If you stay on this fad diet for a month your body will have no alternative but to start
burning fat. This is where the difficulty begins. The dieter will get weaker, lethargic and
not able to perform well at this initial fat loss stage. Burning fat requires more effort and
time to produce energy from fat than it does from muscle.

Usually at this point something gives. You find it difficult to function under these conditions
and return to your earlier dietary habits. The problem is that your body has difficulty adjusting
to you former eating pattern. Before the body returns to restructuring your muscle, it will store
most of your nourishment as excess fat.

Surprise, you’re back to your pre-diet weight and possibly a bit more. This is how fad diets
fail. It is not possible to lose weight with fad diets and to keep that weight off. This approach
to losing weight is flawed from inception. It will never be successful in your weight loss

If you’re like most individuals, then chances are, you have not successfully achieved your
weight loss goal yet and still looking for a weight loss plan that can lead you to a permanently
slim body. There is only one approach that will work permanently. Simple lifestyle changes that you
incorporate into you day to day life.

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