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Candida Albicans is nearly 80% dietary related…

Simply stated, without undertaking some sort of diet control you will not cure your condition, whether or not you use medications or supplements. The simple truth is, the most important thing to rid yourself of Candida is diet. However diet focuses on only a few elements.

Starve the yeast of its food source (Sugar). Removing yeast & molds from the diet, preventing them from further contributing to the problem. Eating foods low in carbohydrates, that don’t stress the digestive system. And eating organic foods, that are free from toxins, hormones, and allergens. These things will suppress the immune and nervous system.

As you can see, these elements would eventually starve out the Candida to death. But the process is very long, like a game of cat and mouse, the Candida yeast will wait, until you make that one mistake that it can take advantage of, so it can spread its wings again.

Candida Yeast is very virulent, and it’s not an easy task trying to out last it in a game like this. This is why Candida needs to be attacked from more than one angle.

Don’t get me wrong, if your only willing to attack it from one angle, than diet is the angle to attack it from. However, the nature of this beast causes most people to give up, or not stick to a strict enough diet.

This is why a Total Candida Cleanse is needed. It is system that incorporates a series of angles to attack from, with diet being the main angle.

The beauty of this kind of system is, not only is it more effective, and cuts down the time needed to fight it, but having more than one angle to rely on, means that if you slip up or aren’t as strict as you should have been in one area, than your covered by the other angles. Therefore the yeast doesn’t get out of control from one mistake, wrecking all your hard work.

But what more do you need than diet?

No you don’t some fancy medicine, a simple set of holistic methods, that incorporates killing the yeast, immune building, and waste removal, is all that is needed. Surprisingly enough though, there are very few systems that actually include all 7 angles, that make a good Candida Cleanse.

Modern medicine doesn’t offer a valid solution to this beast, because drugs will only make the yeast spread further. As the only real solution is not a pharmaceutical product, the obvious truths are often overlooked.

But this is one case where a natural approach is not only helpful, but actually needed. Remember the more angles you attack it from, the easier and faster your recovery will be.

Luke Lister was a former Candida sufferer, read more about the Candida Diet by clicking the link or visiting his site at http://www.naturalcandidacleanse.com

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