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Everyday people are looking for new get thin quick diets. They see the commercials and hear about these new diets that promise results in very short periods of time. The real question on everyone’s mind is, do they really work?

I have investigated a few popular fad diets to find out for myself. The information below might help you to decide if any of these are right for you!

In Just Two Weeks, Diet – South Beach – This diet has 3 basic phases that you have to follow in order to maintain weight loss and healthy eating habits. The first phase lasts around 2 weeks and is designed to eliminate cravings for sugary food. After you’ve completed the first phase you will go on to the next phase, which introduces more carbs, etc. Finally, you will begin the third phase and you can now eat more of the basic food groups minus the sugars and bad fats. (the occasional indulgence is okay)

In Just Two Weeks, Diet – Special K – According to the Special K diet, you can lose up to 6 pounds in two weeks if you follow the plan. You should substitute a bowl of Special K cereal or a Special K bar for breakfast and lunch, and then eat dinner as you normally do. If you do this for 2 weeks you should be able to shed a couple pounds.

In Just Two Weeks, Diet – Slim-Fast – Slim-fast has been around for a while now, but how many people are really benefiting from it? According to this diet, you should replace your normal breakfast with a Slim-fast shake or bar. You have something small for lunch along with another shake or bar. For dinner you should eat approximately 500 calories, your plate should consist of half veggies, quarter lean meat, and a quarter of starch (preferably whole-grain.) You are also allowed one snack that may be something small such as an apple or a slim-fast bar. Exercise is encouraged with this diet.

These are just a few of the many diets that people have tried and will continue to try in order to lose weight. Seems like everyone has a hard time keeping up with these diets and most of the time you get sick of the same old food every day.

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