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I have been looking at the top 10 diets – why – because I have been on several! As one gets older, especially after about 35 the weight starts to creep on. We all want to keep wearing our regular size clothes – instead of the next size!

You may well ask me what these top 10 diets are – at the present time – December 2007 they are:

1. The Low GI Diet

2. Fat Loss 4 Idiots

3. The Medifast Diet

4. The Cookie Diet

5. Burn The Fat

6. The Mediterranean Diet

7. The Fat Loss Diet

8. Real People Don’t Diet

9. Fat Fighting Foods

10. Weight Watchers

All these diets probably have some merit and have helped people to lose weight – I personally tried my local Weight Watchers and did lose weight – only to put it all back on.

Like many others, I have lost weight by eating sensibly and exercising; I feel a lot better and am heading toward losing my final stone!

Why did I want to lose weight, once again, like many people I wanted to both look and feel good, especially when on holiday! I also wanted to improve my health as I know that being overweight increases of risk of middle age diabetes type 2 which runs in my family.

Today, we can get workable and valid weight loss tips everywhere we look, on the Internet, in magazines, newspapers, even on TV. The more you read about losing weight and healthy eating, the more focussed your will become on your goal.

Many people try diet pills as a quick workable solution. Many are not convinced of the value of these pills and I have read several articles where people have lost money rather than weight and some of these pills are also considered very bad for the body and can have adverse effects. The best advice to give is to talk to your doctor who will probably state that the ‘healthy eating and exercise’ route is certainly the safest and the best. However, if you were insistent and your doctor felt it was necessary he could certainly give you the best advice on what diet pills were considered safe and would help your particular situation.

Excellent tips for healthy eating include drinking a lot more water – many people are in fact thirsty and not hungry, so if you feel you need something to eat first try drinking a glass of water. Also water is one of the best medicines for the skin, it purifies your whole body and makes the skin gleam.

Another great tip is to fill yourself up on fruits and vegetables – if you need something sweet both grapes and melon help – you have satisfied that sweet craving and they are also very good for you.

Eating healthily helps you to feel less tired and have more energy as well as looking good. That being said, sometimes we all lapse – I still love chocolate and cakes. However, having the occasional treat one might feel is sometimes a naughty necessity! However for more focus and strategies visit – guilt free diets – and you will find something that will help you.

Sonia Hunter is a weigh loss enthusiast and shares her findings with people who want to know more about losing weight so check out the present top ten diets; And why diet pills might not be so good for you after all; and how to solve the ‘flab’ problem at Lose Weight Fast [].

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