The 3 Day Acid Reflux Diet


No, this is not a cure, not some quick-fix solution, not a miraculous end to a burning issue. What it does however, is to get the problem down to manageable levels so that you can then formulate a change in lifestyle and diet in order to live a GERD-free life. Yes, that’s Gastroesophageal reflux disease or the medical term for acid reflux.

With a name like that, you would imagine that it is a condition that only strikes the nerds of this world – the ones who sit around on their PCs or hunched over their laptops for hours on end. Unfortunately, acid reflux is no respecter of persons. An infant can suffer from it as can a fairly active healthy grown up. The reasons are probably too numerous to enumerate. From an immature digestive system in a baby to late nights and stress, pregnancy, certain foods, lack of exercise, whatever.

What this article attempts to do is the first step – to alleviate the burning and the suffering so that one can then calmly go about the business of effecting a long-term cure. Please note that this diet is not recommended for infants, for pregnant or nursing women and for those with any other complications.

All 3 days of this diet will follow the same routine. Well, we call it a diet but you don’t really have to go hungry – just not eat most of the food you normally do. You wake up in the morning and drink 2 glasses of water. Wait a while before you have your breakfast. You will notice that the usual morning cuppa is missing. Caffeine is so not a part of the acid reflux cure! Not tea, not coffee. Neither is smoking so if you can’t stop completely, do cut down as drastically as you can. Breakfast will be fruits – one or more, you decide.

So will lunch. And dinner could be salad or steamed vegetables. Eat as much as you want and you can vary the routine by trying out new kinds of fruit and veggies. Look at the ones on those shelves you haven’t tried yet and pop them into your shopping cart.

Remember to drink lots of water through the day. There’s an herbal tea you could add to the liquid intake as well. You need to bring 2 liters of water to the boil, put in a small piece of fresh ginger, a couple of cloves and a few fresh mint leaves. Boil for 5 minutes, let stand for 10 minutes and strain. Now drink a cup of this whenever that urge for caffeine comes on.

You might find that you have a slight headache the first day but that is just the toxins in your body draining out. From the second day onwards, you’ll feel light and peppy. Follow the early to bed, early to rise maxim together with this diet and your heartburn and acid reflux will be more manageable than you ever knew it to be!

Shalini Kagal

Freelance Writer


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