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Calorie Shifting is a special diet plan that allows you to eat different foods that help you to lose weight. It uses the idea that different people will have different metabolism rate. Therefore, people will low metabolism rate will find difficulty when they want to lose weight by doing cardio exercises such as running and swimming. By undergoing the calorie shifting diet plan, you are required to learn foods with different calories that are needed to lose weight. This method has been circulating around the Internet for many years, and some professional nutritionists as well as bodybuilders are suggesting that Calorie Shifting is indeed the fastest way to lose weight for a person with low metabolism rate.

A general method to shift calorie is to eat foods with different calories. Even though some nutrition books are claiming that there is only one type of calorie and it is impossible to stimulate our body to increase our metabolism rate by shifting calorie, they do not have any concrete proof in stating so. In fact, the calorie shifting has been proven to be a workable method and can help one to achieve noticeable weight loss in a month. Therefore, the result beats the conventional myth set up by the traditional nutritionist.

Besides, the Calorie Shifting diet plan is different in such a way that it allows us to eat as many as we like because the basic concept is to allow us to take in different kind of calories. Hence, there is no cap or limit on the amount of food we can eat. Therefore, it is different from the conventional starving to lose weight. Instead, it is a eating to lose weight method.

I have just started the diet plan and I feel that the effect is good as compared to other diet plans that I have followed before. I do enjoy the diet plan because I can still eat something I like. If my girlfriend do not mind, I will surely recommend this to her (lol, just please don’t tell her about this).

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