Negative Calorie Diet – Staying Motivated


Weight loss is really not that difficult once you commit to it. However, one of the biggest problem people have is staying motivated. It can take several weeks to lose a significant amount of weight, and if you don’t start seeing results immediately, it can be hard to keep going. So here are a few tips to keep you motivated.

1. Photograph Your Progress

At the start of your diet, take photographs of yourself from the front, the back, and the side. Wear tight-fitting clothes, or underwear, so that you can really see the shape of your body. Take a new set of pictures every month, to visualize the progress that you are making.

2. Remind Yourself of Your Goal

Visualizing yourself at your target weight is an excellent way to keep yourself on track. To help you do this, pin a picture of yourself at a lower weight to your fridge, or cut out a picture from a magazine of a model with a similar body shape to the one you’d like to have. When you are tempted to forage in your refrigerator for something to eat, ask yourself if a couple of bites of food are worth delaying your goal.

3. Treat Yourself

Work out a system of rewards to treat yourself with at regular intervals – perhaps every five or ten pounds. Ideas for rewards could be a nice manicure or facial, a day at the movies, or a new book.

Another nice idea is to buy a beautiful outfit in your target size. A smart set of slacks for work, a flirty little dress, or a tailored shirt that will only fit once you reach your goal is a great motivation to stay on track. Since most people would hate to spend the money on nice clothes that they can never wear, that outfit will help you maintain your focus.

4. Spread the Word

Telling your friends or family member what you’re doing will solidify your diet plan, turning it from something you “should” do to something that you are actively pursuing. If the people who know about your goals ask you how you’re doing, it will provide additional motivation to make real progress.

5. Join a Support Group

No one understands the difficulties and challenges of weight loss better than other people who are going through the same circumstances. This makes other dieters a great source of tips, inspiration, and empathy. You can join an online dieting group, vow to lose weight with friends, or sign up for a popular weight loss program to get the support that could make the difference between success and failure.

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