Michael Thurmond Diet – Eat More, Workout Less


The Michael Thurmond diet was formulated by a health guru of the same name. He has claimed that there are at least 500,000 individuals who have already successfully lost weight from the diet program that he created.

Theory of the Michael Thurmond Diet

Eat more yet healthy, workout less. This is the main concept of the Michael Thurmond diet. Ideal weight, lean and toned muscles and healthy body is the promise of this diet program. This can be achieved by a simple formula: nutritious foods and an exercise program.

Before a person is given a diet plan or program, his body type, current diet and physical activities are determined. It will be difficult to craft a Michael Thurmond diet program for you if proper information weren’t provided.

The Michael Thurmond Diet is also known as the 6-Weeks Make Over Program. It is claimed that you can lose weight in as short a span as 6 weeks.

There are several advantages and disadvantages that you might consider when you plan to try this weight-loss program.


This is not the type of diet where you will depend on supplements or medicines to burn fats or suppress hunger. The Michael Thurmond Diet specializes in food intake and exercises. It is purely on these two that this diet revolves.

Eat More and Exercise Less

Once you have already identified your body type structure, you can now concentrate on selecting the food list to go with your diet program. You can eat more of what is required from you because you are now aware of how it will work for your body. With the proper diet, you can go on a not-so-rigorous exercise program.

Your food list under the diet consists mainly of fresh and nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, whole meal grains and lean meat. You are also advised to stay away from nuts, processed foods, pasta and bread. You are not also allowed to take salty foods, dairy products and alcoholic drinks.

Aside from the diet, you should work on your exercise regimen. You should at least work out from 45 to 60 minutes everyday.

The Program is Short

The first six week period of the program is the most crucial part. During this period, you would know your body type, identify the diet for you and list food that you can burn down easily. It is within the six-week period also that you will know the best exercise for you.


Michael Thurmond Diet is Expensive

To be able to start the program you are required to buy the book where you will base your routine. The book together with the starter kit costs $170. It consists of several items like the start-up video, “blueprinting” kit, training videos and exercise bands. It also includes the Living Lean tape, menu planner and the 6 Days Mini Makeover.

It is Time Consuming

The first six-week period involves a lot of planning. Within these days, you will have to identify your body structure type, try out different types of menu, conceptualize and design your own menu program and craft your exercise routines. This is very time consuming for some people. For dieters who would want to see a result immediately, they lose heart after learning of the pains that they have to go through to achieve a result.

Diet Excludes Dairy Products

Calcium is the mineral that keeps bones strong. If you lose this in your diet, you might suffer from osteoporosis later on. With a Michael Thurmond diet, you will get your calcium needs from other sources, and it might not be to your liking. If it were such the case, you are in a lot of trouble since this diet program disallows use of supplements.

Do You Have the Will?

The Michael Thurmond diet is program is not for the faint of heart. It requires dedication and commitment. If you have these qualities and you think you are up to the challenge of getting into this diet program, this is for you. On the other hand, if you think you don’t have the discipline to fulfill all the requirements of the program, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

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