Is the Master Cleanse Drink Effective?


The lemonade diet drink, or master cleanse drink, is designed to rid your body of toxins that have accumulated through a lifetime of eating, breathing, and living. You wouldn’t believe what’s inside of you! The drink consists of lemon juice (must be fresh!), purified water, grade B organic maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. Sometimes you will hear it referred to as the “lemonade, maple syrup, cayenne pepper diet,” but I find that too complicated.

The master cleanse (as the lemonade diet was originally known) is basically a juice fast. For a period of 7-10 days normally–though it can be more–you drink 60-80 oz of a special lemon juice drink throughout the day. In the morning, when you first wake up, you drink a mixture of lukewarm water and sea salt to begin the internal flushing process. At night, you drink a cup of herbal laxative tea to help encourage the expulsion of the toxins that have collected in your body. Master cleanse experts recommend you stay near a bathroom for around an hour after drinking the salt water and the tea… if you know what I mean!

The lemonade diet drink has many benefits. Consuming the master cleanse drink is a quick way to eliminate waste and toxins. As a result, people report increased energy, feelings of physical lightness, improved mental clarity, better sexual drive and performance, and more. Some people also report that due to the decrease of poisonous toxins clogging up their bodies, they have rid themselves (or experienced diminished) acne, athletes foot, excema, arthritis, and more. These conditions, while they may not be totally caused by toxins, are definitely exacerbated by improper expulsion of toxic waste. And, oh yeah, you can also lose a lot of weight relatively quickly.

As with any “quick weight loss” type of diet (although I stress again, that is not the purpose of this diet), there can be dangers. Rapid weight loss is generally not a good idea, although there may be times when it is warranted. Please consult your physician. This diet does not contain any fiber–hence the laxatives. It also does not contain any protein. It won’t kill you to go without protein for 10 days, but you may feel a little weak at times.

The lemonade diet is toughest for the first three days. If you can make it past that, you will do fine. The lemonade diet drink takes some getting used to, especially when that is your only food, but the system shock is mostly over after the first three days. It is important that you make a commitment to yourself to see it through. Remind yourself of the benefits and how much better you will feel after this period of temporary discomfort. This process will be rejuvenating for your body… it’s essentially a “reboot” of your system… starting over clean. Try the lemonade diet drink–the master cleanse drink–for 10 days and you will not be sorry.

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