Free Diet Programs – Four Of The Most Popular Types


If you are looking for free diet programs on which you will base your weight-loss program, it is best to search online. Almost all types of free diet programs are found in the internet. Diet programs are different from each other in terms of the style or approach that it takes to lose weight, the phases of the program and the types of food included in the diet.

Here are some examples of the types of diet plans on which you can base your diet program of choice. These types are the most common ones which most people are familiar with. Some have been around for a long time while others are relatively new.

Fixed-Menu Diet Program

One example of the diet plan is the fixed-menu diet plan. The advantage of this plan is that it is easy to follow because this diet plan has a definite menu and recipes. The list is detailed and and has been perfected over time. The listing is made together with the program. You can not replace anything on it.

The disadvantage is that this diet plan will tend to be dull. There are no changes and it is stationary. And once the program is finished, you will now have difficulty in manufacturing your own menu so you will tend to lose interest in the menu and start to gain weight again.

Exchange-Type Diet Plan

Another diet plan is the exchange-type diet plan. This diet plan has greater challenge because it allows swapping of food. The only goal when swapping is to find the right amount that matches the amount to be replaced. The advantage of this diet plan is that there are possible variations with the food that you eat. You add and subtract certain foods to come up with your choice of combination.

The disadvantage comes in when you don’t know how to balance and follow instructions. Later on, you might find it difficult to find the correct matches for the required food.

An example of this diet plan is the South Beach Diet. With South Beach diet, you can eat anything as long as you comply with the requirements of the food groups that you should eat.

Pre-Packaged Meal Diet Program

Another type is the prepackaged-meal diet plan. This is a diet plan where sizes and proportions for this diet plan are strictly implemented. The advantage of prepackaged-meal diet plan is that it is measured carefully and appropriately. Size matters and the calorie intake make the difference.

The disadvantage, on the other hand of this type is that it is more expensive than other types. Because this type might need you to purchase the foods that you will eat to follow the required sizes and proportions. Before getting into this type of diet, inquire first if you will have to buy or you can make the servings by yourself.

Liquid/Powder Formula or Replacement Diet Plan

Still another type of diet plan is the diet program that replaces part of your meals with liquid formula (which are usually powder-based). This is also commonly known as the replacement diet plan. From the description, the diet plan swaps liquid formula with the food. The liquid formula has the same calorie requirement as the food. The advantage of this type of diet plan is that this is a very effective weight loss program for a short period of time. Liquid formula can be in the form of shakes or juices.

The disadvantage of the liquid formula diet plan is that you will gain weight fast when you go back to the usual diet that you have.

The example for this type is the Medifast Diet Program. The diet requires an individual to take 5 sets of liquid formula diet and only 1 green and lean meal per day.

With the basic knowledge on the different diet plans available, you can now choose which free diet program you would like to incorporate in your daily life -the diet plan that you think will work best for you.

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