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A diet is usually judged by how well it works. If enough people jump on the bandwagon and proclaim how well it works it can take on a life of its own. The unfortunate part of that is you never hear how well it worked a year later. Did all those people who believed in it keep the weight off after they quit using the diet? That is something that isn’t normally advertised in the dieting world but research show that nearly 95% of people who lose weight will eventually gain it back and in many cases pack on even more weight.

That’s the problem with diets today, they offer a short term solution to a long term problem. Finding one that works over the long term is not easy, particularly with all the misinformation that floats through the diet universe.

This is where the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet distances itself from all the other fad diets that have come and gone. It is based on the fact that the food you eat affects your overall health and how fast your metabolism is running. Losing weight is simply a function of burning more calories then you take in, which has led to the glut of calorie cutting diets that work for a brief period of time but are for the most part unsustainable.

This is the crux of this new idea in fat loss. If you can increase your metabolism by eating the right types of foods you can lose weight. The amount of calories you burn throughout the day is actually a product of what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat. Your body is a complex system of chemical processes on a cellular level which change constantly throughout the day. If you start cutting calories because that’s what has always been preached you soon find yourself fighting the basic biology of human physiology; your metabolism begins to slow down and its ability to burn fat diminishes to the point that you can no longer lose weight.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots teaches you how eating the right kinds of foods at certain times of the day can help you avoid this metabolic slow down. Starving your body is not the right way to lose fat because your body will work against you. If you work with your body as this diet shows you will have long term weight loss success because it is a plan that will evolve over time.

If you are tired of diets that tell you not to eat this or not to eat that only to find yourself gaining the weight back then it may be time to try something that actually uses nutritious and healthy foods to kick your own body’s natural fat burning engine into overdrive. Fat Loss 4 Idiots stands conventional dieting theory on its head and lets you use the food you eat to lose weight and reclaim your health.

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