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Diet companies such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig serve a valuable function. They provide a methodical way to lose weight in a healthy way by providing specific diets with recommended caloric intakes. They also provide support and advice in the process.

The downside is that they can be costly. There is usually the cost of membership and the cost of
the prepared meals. That can be a good alternative for those who can afford the plans and have
the ability to stick with them.

Over the years many fad diets have appeared that make the promise of rapid weight loss. The truth is that some of these fad diets are dangerous. They should be investigated before you

An example of this is the Atkins Diet Plan. It is true that many people have been able to lose weight with this program. It also has been reported that there exists the possibility of serious health concerns associated with this program.

Another diet fad is the low carb diet. It can help you lose weight quickly. However, it becomes difficult to keep the weight off once you stop eating this way. Because this diet involves high protein and no white foods, you will be consuming foods high in fat which will raise cholesterol levels.

The claims made about low carb diets aren’t true. Eliminating carbs will enable a quick weight loss. When the carbohydrates are reintroduced back into your diet you will gain back the lost weight. As a matter of fact, the longer that you observe a low carb diet, the quicker you will gain weight back.

Complex carbohydrates are a source of steady burning energy. You will notice lower energy levels without them in your diet. Also, these diets recommend the intake of a lot of protein, mostly meat, foul and fish. Many of these are a source of fat. This can contribute to heart problems, high blood pressure and some forms of cancer.

A healthy diet plan will provide all of the requirements that your body needs to operate efficiently and in a healthy manner.

Another alternative or addition to your weight program may be fat burner pills. These are well advertised and at the moment very popular. It is true that many dieters have great success with these pills. One should be careful about the type of pills selected.

The fat burners that are medical in nature tend to have unpleasant side effects. The down side is that they are not tested by the FDA when made available to the public. The FDA only steps in when a diet pill is discovered to be dangerous as in the case of ephedrine.

On the other hand there are natural fat burners than consist solely of herbs. These do not have any serious side effects. In some instances they may produce symptoms such as sweating or sleeplessness. This can effectively be dealt with by cutting the dosage in half.

If you are in relatively good health you should be able to enter into a diet and exercise plan in order to improve your health and lose weight. However, if you have any medical conditions and/or are under a doctors care, it is best to consult with your physician first.

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