Fad Diet? Hardly – The Working Benefits Of Green Tea Weight Loss


We all know a fad diet when we see one. Certified studies by organizations neither we nor anyone else has ever heard of advocate abstaining from one or several food groups. Late night television-advertised diets don’t really cut it. But we can always look to the tried and true remedies of thousands of years – healthy eating practices, with the aid of herbs widely acknowledged and scientifically proven to yield genuine health benefits, always do the trick.

Green tea is part of no fad diet. Originating as a domestically cultivated herb around 5000 years ago in China and India, millions upon millions of people in the past and present have found the drink to be an immense health benefit in addition to being a pleasurable beverage. But most important to us, green tea, by several recent scientific studies, has been revealed to be an aid to losing weight. But how does green tea weight loss work?

1.) Metabolic Stimulation

Our metabolism (how quickly we convert nutrients into energy and burn it) is elevated by drinking green tea. This has nothing to with green tea’s caffeine content. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study demonstrating the positive effects of catechin, a natural chemical found in the herb. Catechin stimulates the body’s process of thermogenesis, the means by which the body produces heat to utilize energy (or, the metabolism). The Linus Paul Institute concurs with these findings, after concluding that, after ingesting green tea extract, the body burns calories at an increased rate of 3-4%. But for green tea weight loss you don’t have to use the extract – just drink it.

2.) Appetite Suppression

Again, this has nothing to do with caffeine. The University of Chicago, after a clinical study incorporating the effects of green tea in rats, found the rats to consume significantly reduced portions of food after 7 days of consistent dosage. Green tea normalizes our blood sugar levels, so our blood sugar dropping and consequently making us hungry happens much less frequently. When we don’t feel the call to the fridge so consistently, it’s much easier to focus on losing weight.

3.) Substituting Caffeine Drinks

Most of us begin the day by drinking some form of caffeine. And often, these drinks are full of chocolate or other flavoring, cream, and sugar – and end up containing an enormous amount of calories. When we look to lose weight, and cut out a substantial portion of our calorie intake, our coffee drinks are perhaps the best area to begin. 500-700 calories are a norm for many of these drinks, and all to get that boost of energy at the start of the day. But green tea contains caffeine too, and switching to the herbal beverage can seriously reduce our calorie consumption. It can jump-start our day while it boosts our metabolism, and it tastes great, too – so why not try this substitution?

Green tea weight loss really is as simple as it sounds. For the weight-loss minded, experts recommend around 3-5 cups a day – and if you want to drink more, no problem. Green tea may be one of the most natural and healthy weight loss techniques around – and is anything but a fad.

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