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If the American culture and diet could be symbolized in two words, they might be “fast food.” In the last sixty years or so, the American diet has increasingly relied upon convenient solutions that will feed a family in less than twenty minutes.

Fast food has become part of our lives, so much in fact that the golden arches of McDonald’s are now the most recognizable trademark in the world. They are everywhere, but they wouldn’t be there without customers. Millions and millions of people flock to fast food restaurants every day.

We eat there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, without getting out of the car. The restaurants have worked hard to develop satisfying foods, while keeping prices low so that families can rely on them for a quick bite.

Missing Out

Our love for fast meals has taken away from valuable time in the kitchen, fixing meals for our families. Many good times can be had in the kitchen, and there is a lot to be learned.

Children are now leaving the home with only the ability to prepare processed macaroni and cheese and drive thru at a fast food restaurant. They do not know how to prepare foods for themselves because they never had to. They’ve fallen in love with the kids meals and never turned back.

There are way too many good, natural foods available in the market to be too concerned over ease. Healthy recipes aid in good digestion, which makes you feel better. Many other benefit are received from whole foods, such as the absorption of more nutrients, less chemicals in the form of pesticides and preservatives, and no hormones used to increase the yield of meat.

What Can Be Done

There are easy solutions to the problem of obesity in America. Asking to cut out all fast food would be absurd. But taking the time a couple nights a week to make a good healthy dinner will be rewarding in itself. The convenience does not have such a deciding factor after you have experienced the power of choosing healthy foods and working with it.

Touching the food has a power that is hard to describe. It is a spiritual connection that is good for the mind, body, and soul. The whole family can participate in preparing foods for their new diet. The need for fast food will dwindle, and your need to cook will be a spiritual one.

Taking time out of our busy schedules for our health is the best appointment you can make. You’ll soon look for more ways to improve the daily implications on your health. Search for the answers to make your body the healthiest that it can be. The potential is there, it just has to be found.

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