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If you’ve ever opened up a muscle magazine or a discussion board on bodybuilding, you’ve inevitably been exposed to dozens, if not hundreds, of different diets. They all involve measuring, restriction, counting, and other complex systems of creating the perfect menu to lose weight and build muscle.

But what if there was an easier way? What if there were common sense steps that you could take to make great changes to your body, without the need for complex formulas and super-restrictive living? What if you made one change each month? Would it become a habit? Would you be able to maintain these slow gradual changes as you added new ones? Only you can answer these questions. Here is a sample diet plan, which involves no measuring, no counting, and no spreadsheets.

Month 1 – Cut out all the high sugar foods from your diet.

Month 2 – Keeping all the high sugar foods from your diet, cut out all the high fat foods.

Month 3 – Continuing all above steps, add more protein, and one-cup water, to each meal of the day.

Month 4 – Continuing all above steps, cut back on starchy and complex carbs.

Month 5 – Continuing all above steps, begin to cut back fat intake

As you can see, it’s not rocket science. It’s simply a matter of removing those things in diet, which our body doesn’t need, and adding things it does need. And we do it slowly. Many of us will begin a super-restrictive diet, and within days, we’ve caught the flu, or we’re angry at the world, or we’re losing too much muscle too fast because our metabolism is in complete shock. Unless you’re a top-level competitive bodybuilder aiming at a specific target date, you do have the luxury of doing it gradually.

If you’ve become frustrated with the same old routine, give “The Simple Lite” a chance. You might find that it’s a common sense approach to eating the right things, and avoiding the wrong things, that you could stick with for a lifetime!

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