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There are literally hundreds of diets to choose from. Research shows that people who have been successful at losing weight and keeping it off use a variety of different diets to help reduce their calories. Successful dieters choose a diet that fits their individual lifestyle, food preferences, and values.

This guide will give you a quick view of each diet based on individual traits so that you can pick a diet or two that may be right for you. Then you can investigate it further on your own.

Slim-fast plan: Simple, easy, with no planning needed As the commercials say, all it takes is a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a sensible dinner. Research has shown that this diet is effective for some people. Boring can be good. In fact new studies on dieting show that people who eat meals routinely are less likely to gain weight. Variety breeds gluttony. So if you want something simple, and like a routine, try the Slim-fast plan.

Jenny Craig: Simple and prepackaged, but expensive

While a little bit more work than opening a shake, most Jenny Craig meals and snack are prepackaged and can be cooked in a microwave. They also provide a lot of planning and support along the way with weekly consultations and an excellent dieting website. Less boring than Slim-fast, Jenny Craig works hard to make it simple for you. One caveat is that Jenny Craig charges a premium. It was found by Forbes magazine to be one of the most expensive diet programs in the country.

Weight Watchers: Provides flexibility to match a busy lifestyle Weight Watchers is based on crunching numbers to calculate how much has been eaten in a day. The goal is to stay under a chosen number known to be low enough to maintain or lose weight. The beauty of the system is that dieters can eat out, snack, cook microwave pre-packaged meals, or cook. This makes the diet easy to follow and stick to if you travel a lot, work late, but like to cook at home when you can. It does require diligence to stick to and monitor your points.

The Zone Diet: Provides loose guidelines that can be flexible and easy to follow The Zone Diet provides broad guidelines for eating balanced snacks and meals made up of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 30% protein. Dr. Sears claims that a consistent balance of these major food groups creates a hormonal balance that improves our metabolism and helps with weight loss as well as providing other health benefits. The zone diet for weight loss also includes guidelines of eating no more than 500 calories in a single meal, eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and eating healthy fats (particularly olive oil and fish oils). Following this diet is in some ways similar to the weight watcher plan. Instead of just counting calories, your calculating proportions.

South Beach Diet: For dieters who love to cook The South Beach is centered on a series of cookbooks including gourmet meals made from healthy ingredients. The cookbooks provide a variety of healthy and good-tasting meals to choose from.

Sonoma Diet: Heart healthy The Sonoma Diet is based on the Mediterranean diet, which is a diet with solid evidence that it reduces the risk of heart attacks. The diet also provides cookbooks with a wide variety of healthy gourmet meals.

Atkins Diet: Great for meat lovers Few diets have created as much controversy as the Atkins diet because it flies in the face of current medical opinion that a balanced diet is critical to good health. Atkins proposed that strictly limiting intake in carbohydrates can result in both rapid and sustained weight-loss. This diet is difficult in you crave carbs. However, if you love meat, cheese, and bacon, it may be perfect.

Each of these diets provides their own means of reducing calories to assist in weight loss. They can be effective for you if you choose one that fits your lifestyle so that you can stick to it. If you choose a healthy diet you can stick to, and exercise regularly you will succeed in losing the weight you want to lose, and keeping it off for a lifetime.

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