Change in Diet May Cause a Change in Your Sense of Time

Change in Diet May Cause a Change in Your Sense of Time

I know this sounds a bit crazy,Change in Diet May Cause a Change in Your Sense of Time Articles but I’ve never before heard anyone mention this particular benefit of giving up sugar and other refined carbs: My sense of time has changed.

I was sitting at my desk this afternoon, working hard on a letter I was writing to one of our clients, and I realized with a start that it was time to go home. In the past, when I regularly snacked on sweet and salty treats, I was never surprized by the time. I always knew exactly how many minutes were left before my next break, before time to go home, before it was time for dinner, and how long it would be before my bedtime snack.

This is undoubtedly something that people with “real” addictions notice when they give up their habits. When you finally break free, (and this could take several months or even years after your last drink or fix), you notice one day that your mind isn’t occupied by your cravings. Other things, more important things, more interesting things, are filling your thoughts.

What would you do with all the extra brain power that is freed up when you give up sugary, fattening foods? What would you do with the many minutes of every hour that are no longer wasted thinking about the next candy bar, the next recipe for chocolate cake, the next opportunity to grab a handful of chips? It may not seem like a lot of time, but it adds up.

My days now go much faster than they ever did before. My mind is more alert, I get more done, and I feel better about my job. It’s an “extra” benefit of changing to a healthy diet.

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