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The cabbage soup diet is sometimes called the cabbage soup heart diet. It’s also called other names including the Mayo Clinic Diet, Military Cabbage Soup, Sacred Heart Diet, TJ’s Miracle Diet, the Russian Peasant Diet and the Banana Diet. The diet is somewhat famous mainly because of the promise that if you follow the eating plan you can drop 10 pounds in a week. It will let you drop the weight fast.

If you are concerned about your heart, you know that excess weight is a big problem leading to stress on your heart and problems with blood pressure and a whole host of physical problems. But you need a long-term solution to your weight problems. Short term diets do not work for long term weight loss. You must change your lifestyle by combining exercise with sensible eating.

How does the cabbage soup diet fit into a heart healthy eating plan? It’s a quick, relatively easy way to drop up to ten pounds in a week. The main advantage to dropping several pounds fast is motivation. Many diet plans will only produce about one pound of weight loss per week. That’s pretty boring especially since your normal weight variation can be more than a pound a day. So you can be on the right track to lose weight over the long-term, but the scales show you’re gaining weight in the short-term. That’s very discouraging. In comes this diet to let you drop some weight fast. Then back you go to your long-term plan.

The cabbage soup diet is a great morale booster. And you don’t just eat cabbage soup either. You get a set food plan for each of the seven days of the plan. Over the week you get a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, meats, even bananas one day. Plus all the soup you want each day. And you can vary the soup to suit your tastes. Cabbage soup isn’t necessarily bland. You can spice it up as you like.

But alas, no pastries or bread for the week. No brownies, peanut butter cookies or sweet potato casserole! No sweet desserts. But it wouldn’t be a diet without a little hardship would it.

So the cabbage soup heart diet or whatever you choose to call it, is a short-term motivational diet to let you drop about ten pounds in a week. It isn’t a sustainable long-term plan but it could be a part of your overall weight loss and fitness plan.

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