A Diet Deficiency Today is a Clinical Event Tomorrow


For those of us that understand nutrition and it’s
importance in our lives, this statement makes all too
much sense doesn’t it.

Today, six out of the top ten causes of death are diet
related and chronic degenerative diseases afflict over
120 million Americans. Cancer has moved from the
eighth leading cause of death to number two, even after
Richard Nixon’s “War on Cancer” spent thirty billion
dollars attempting to find a cure. Diabetes has
increased 700% since 1959.

Nearly 15 million American adults suffer from asthma
and the Environmental Health Commission predicts that
number will increase to 29 million by 2020. Twenty-one
million Americans suffer from arthritis and
approximately 50 million Americans suffer from
autoimmune diseases, with 75 percent of these being
female. Many of these autoimmune conditions were
practically nonexistent thirty years ago.

Look at the average diet of children today–soft
drinks, processed cereal, pizza, candy, fast food and
their favorite and often only source of vegetables:
french fries. Could this be why we are seeing a
dramatic rise in ADHD, to the point where 8 million
American children need to be drugged daily? Autism has
gone from 1 in 10,000 children to 1 in 150 in just 10
years. Adult- onset diabetes is occurring at epidemic
rates in children as young as eight.


There can be no doubt that deficiencies of these vital
nutrients can lead to serious problems. Scientists are
continually discovering new links between viruses,
bacteria and the immune system and many of the most
common and most dangerous diseases. Take a look; you
might be surprised at what they’re learning about the
importance of a strong, balanced immune system.

“Are Viruses and Bacteria the Real Cause of Heart and
Kidney Disease?”…In the August 2000 issue of the
American Journal of Medicine, scientists reported that
the hepatitis C virus could show up as a kidney
infection or as heart disease. Last year, Italian
researchers reported that the reason cholesterol
deposits stick to the walls of arteries might be due to
an undetected infection that inflames blood vessel

“Are Bacteria to Blame for MS?”…The July 1999 issue
of Annals of Neurology reported that a common bacteria
called Chlamydia pneumoniae was present in all the
patients tested in the study with multiple sclerosis
(MS). In addition, 30 percent of people with MS also
harbor the herpes virus.

“Epilepsy Linked to Abnormal Immune Cells”…In 1997, a
group of scientists looked at a total of 135 people
with epilepsy. More than 80 percent of these people
had one or more abnormalities in their cellular immune

“Alzheimer’s Disease Linked to Immune System
Dysfunction”…An article in a 1994 issue of Progress
in Drug Research reported that Alzheimer’s disease may
be linked to an abnormal antibody response to a portion
of nerve cells in the brain.

“A Hidden Virus that Causes Obesity”…Researchers at
the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at Wayne
State University in Detroit reported in August 2001
that increased fat stores have been linked to the
presence of a virus.

“Is Arthritis Really a Joint Infection?”…Dutch
scientists recently reported that chronic arthritis
might have a bacterial connection. In fact, if you
suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, which is considered
an autoimmune disease, your disease may have been
triggered by a prior infection that may have over
stimulated immune responses, which in this situation,
needed to be suppressed.

“Is Male Infertility Due to E. Coli Bacteria Sticking
to Sperm?”…A German study in the July 1993 issue of
Fertility and Sterility reported that e. coli can
actually adhere to sperm causing them to clump

And if you do a search on the Internet you will find
more of these types of headlines all over the place.
It’s just amazing, sad actually, and scary.

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