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Could you eat oatmeal every day for breakfast for the rest of your life? For some of you, this might be totally fine. But for the rest of us, oatmeal every morning may seem like a difficult thing to bear. The fact is we all need a little variety in our lives – from our diet, to our music, to our workout routine. Diversity is the name of the game for sustainability with anything we do.

The fact is, we are more apt to stick with something if we add a little spice to it or mix it up a bit. We need to use that very simple concept and apply it to our workout routine. Our ability to last with any workout or with any health regimen, whether it’s a new diet or a new program, depends on our ability to find it interesting, challenging, and different. As humans, we crave all these new, all things different, and all things interesting. That’s why a new diet or a new routine usually does well.

Let’s apply this to our diet and workout:

Our Diet:

Whether you are a low-carb or a vegan diet, you should take the time and effort to look at different recipes that fit within your diet guidelines. Two new meals a week that fall with your dietary rules you have set for yourself will provide the added interest to continue with the diet for you to reap the benefits. Try adding an extra vegetable or perhaps a different type of grain. Any trip to the health food store can add some life to your eating habit. This is usually true for lunch, which is the most difficult meal to enjoy and stick to our diet. The problem is that we are usually out of the house when we have lunch. So packing a satisfying lunch every day is essential to your diet goals.

Our Workout Goals:

Okay, so you have decided to go to the gym or go for a walk every day as part of your weight loss routine. Consider mixing it up a bit so that you’re interest is sustained over a longer period of time. For you to do this, you might consider going for a hike, taking a walk along the beach, running with your dog (or your friend’s dog). You might also consider playing in a soccer match or an afternoon of tennis. If the weather permits, maybe you can go roller skating.

The point in all this, is that the more diversity you add to your life, the richer, happier, and easier your goals become. If it really matters to you can to return back to what you know, I’m sure the oatmeal you will continue to have every morning will be waiting for you. An attitude of bringing in and trying out new things within the routine you have established for yourself will enrich your journey to whichever goal you hope to achieve.

As it always does, it get down to you and how serious you are about losing your weight. You can make it as much fun and exciting as you want. The victory is when you have achieved your goal and look into the mirror and see the woman you have imagined in your mind for a long time. Your deserve it!

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