Women’s Fitness Focus: 5 Canons of Resistance Training

Women's Fitness Focus: 5 Canons of Resistance Training

Trying to firm and tone? Looking for a bathing suit body?

No problem!

If you’re resistance training program isn’t performing for you;
there’s a solution. Get back to basics: give your routine a
face lift by reviewing these 5 fitness canons.

Canon 1: Always Exhibit Proper Posture

The most important thing to remember when resistance training:
proper form will make all the difference. Forget sets and reps,
if it’s results you’re looking for and your form isn’t solid,
you are asking for injury (not to mention an inferior workout).

Guarantee a shape-shift by using this technique:

Stand in front of the mirror with feet shoulder width apart,
eyes facing forward. Tuck you hips under and engage your
abdominals – this will protect your spine and lower back and
place your body in the safety zone.

Use this technique when performing a lift from a sitting
position,Women's Fitness Focus: 5 Canons of Resistance Training Articles as well. Make a mental picture; train your mind to
notice if you are out of alignment by recognizing how this
protective, invisible girdle feels around your torso. Soon,
you will find your body naturally conforming to this posture.

Canon 2: Always Be Aware of Your Breath

When performing a lift, always be aware of your breathing. This
is especially important if you have considerations with your
heart and blood pressure. If you hold your breath during
resistance training you could be placing a dangerous amount of
pressure on your heart.

Here’s a technique to help you breathe properly during a lift:

While engaging the lift: inhale through your nose. Continue
to take in this long deep breath until you’ve reached capacity.
Then, quickly exhale through the mouth on your exertion. Over
time your breathing pattern will become rhythmic.

Canon 3: Know The Difference Between Precision and Momentum

It’s often been said: 3 repetitions performed with precision
will net greater results than 20 repetitions performed with
momentum. This statement demonstrates the difference in the
two: Yes, you’ll need to challenge yourself and push your
body’s limits, but swinging weights and using momentum not
only looks sloppy, but begets equal results.

The answer: A proper lift with a sensible weight will create
definition and a sleek beautiful body.

Canon 4: Be Aware of Lifting To Heavy

Canon 4 is a natural extension of the previous principle.
Remember: it’s important to make strength gains during resistance
training (and this will happen naturally) however, if you are
forcing the lift, you are using a weight that is too heavy.

Here’s the test: After a workout, you may experience some
slight soreness in the muscle. However, if this soreness lasts
beyond 48 hours, it may be a sign that you are lifting too heavy.
As a rule: always aim to warm up and cool down, before and after
your workout session.

Canon 5: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

The body is made of 60% – 70% water, therefore, it is important
to hydrate the body before, during and after exercise as the
increased exertion accelerates the rate of water loss.

A rule of thumb is to drink at least an 8oz glass of water before
during and after you workout. This will keep the body hydrated.
It will also prevent dehydration and undue stress on your kidneys.

The Secret Canon:

Something else to keep in mind for a safe, effective workout:
obtain proper footwear.

This should not be taken lightly. Proper footwear will help
protect your feet, back and joints from receiving the majority of

As a rule you should take a constant inventory of your feet,
replacing your training shoes 2-3 times per year (depending on use).
You will know when it’s time if they’ve broken down or feel loose
and sloppy.

Above all: Listen to you body! Be aware of what is trying to tell
you. It’s my guess, however, if you aim your awareness toward
these canons of resistance training; your body will reward you
with a strong, shapely, and injury free body – just in time for

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