Why a Workout Without Weights is Better For Your Body


It’s a sad fact that many of the world’s most athletic and fittest people end up injuring themselves or enjoying such a short period of real success before losing their edge. You’ve seen it a million times before; the fit guy who one day pushes too far on a particular exercise, usually something that is isolating one muscle and hurts himself resulting in physiotherapy for six to twelve months before a lifetime of limited movement and never being able to go 100% again.

This is a distressing occurrence that happens unfortunately much more often that it realistically should and part of the problem is not using a weight free workout. However, overloading or overtraining one part of the body often leads to injury, lack of flexibility, physical imbalances and numerous other problems that prevent you from reaching your true physical potential and fitness goals.

The human body is designed to move and exercise using compound movements. Isolated movement tend to build muscle in an unbalanced way. This increases the risk of injury since the muscles no longer move correctly when they are overly strong in one area and overly weak in another.

Using compound movement means using more muscles. This means burning more body fat if you’re attempting to lose weight or gaining more muscle if you’re putting on mass. Because of this full body movement, your weight free workouts will also tend to be shorter and more effective than the long monotonous exercises you usually have to force out at the gym. You become stronger in commonly neglected areas like the neck, forearms or underworked portions of the legs because you are working with nature’s intention rather than against it.

Stop the common weightlifting injuries like pulling your back, tearing your rotator cuff or blowing out your knees. A workout without weights uses your entire body, not just a few of your muscles to give you a lean, muscular physique while minimizing the risks of isolated weight training. A common misconception is that using a weight free workout leaves you know room to progress. The truth of the matter is that you can easily find ways to make any bodyweight exercise more challenging. If you’ve reached the point where you can do 200 pushups, how many can you do one handed?

A weight free workout also has the convenience of being performed anywhere you like. If you don’t have time to make it to the gym or hate waiting in rush hour gym traffic, you can simply exercise in the comfort of your own home. The reason boot camp exercises are focused on bodyweight is because some of the fittest men in the world have to remain in peak physical condition year round. If you’re looking to achieve your ultimate physique, it may be time to think about a workout without weights.

– Jack Bronson | Workout without Weights [http://www.workout-without-weights.net]

Jack Bronson is a workout enthusiast who is passionate about making positive changes and helping people to reach their ultimate physique. He focuses on a balanced physical training regimen aiming to master strength, flexibility and endurance simultaneously in order to be ready to take on any challenge the world may present.

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