What Is a Personal Trainer? How to Choose One


Most of us know the abstract of what a personal trainer is.  We know they help to get us in shape on a personal level rather than working with more than one person in a session.  However, the details of what a personal trainer does may escape us.  The details will be looked at below, as well as how you want to choose the person helping you workout. 

A personal trainer should be certified through a fitness organisation of some repute.  They should provide you with confidence that they know how to assess your body type and get it into shape.  They must also have a motivational personality to help you push through your comfort level to the next step.  Guidance, education, and tracking your progress are three traits a personal trainer should have.

A session with most trainers will last for an hour.  The first meeting should test your current level of fitness, body measurements, and the exercises you prefer. They will also ask about health history and your overall goal for the sessions.  After the first hour session, you can set up a time convenient for you, and either choose a half hour or hour for the workout. 

Choosing a personal trainer takes time to check their references and their educational background.  Although it is not common, there are scams out there and people who modify their experience to get a job.  Protect yourself because it is your body they will be helping to sculpt. 

Your personal trainer needs to have CPR/ First Aid training.  While incidents do not happen often with a qualified person something could go wrong.  Having the proper medical training can make sure an incident is handled property. 

Examine the amount of experience the person has.  Have they worked long in the industry or are they new?  Someone who is new is not all together bad, but we often like to see someone with a few clients and references to make our comfort level. 

Do you have medical issues that should be considered?  If you want a workout coach but have a medical injury or condition you need to find someone with experience in that area.  The coach should be able to work with the medical issue you may have.

The above tips in how to find a proper workout coach and what they should offer will help you feel more confident in your progress and overall looks.

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