What Are the Best Exercises for Toning Your Behind and Stomach?


You can go to shops and buy some cheap equipment that claim to help you tone your stomach, but these are a waste of money. All you really need is the commitment, motivation, your own body weight and an exercise ball.

For your bottom try ball drags where you are laying on your back with the ball place underneath your calves (lower part of your leg) then, using your stomach muscles and bottom, lift your hips up towards the ceiling. Ensure you are steady before you begin to slowly roll your heels along with the ball in towards your bottom. This exercise is great for your bottom and backs of your legs. For an alternative why not try the Elevator which is the same position as the ball drag, but once your hips are off the floor you then raise both arms vertically and hold this position for 5-10 seconds. Those bottom really need to be tensed and your stomach tight to help you stay steady during this exercise. Don’t forget to breathe throughout this exercise, it may sound daft but many people hold their breath! Why not start training with your local personal trainer in Cardiff? This will mean that you are constantly pushed to the correct limits whilst being 100% certain that you are performing the exercises correctly. They will also give you alternative exercises if the current ones are deemed too easy or too difficult which is essential to gain the best results.

Stomach exercise are plentiful. The simplest ones are half sits, you don’t need any equipment for these. Lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor hip width apart. Engage your stomach and lift your back off the floor until your fingers just cross the top of your knees. Ensure to breathe out when you do this. Relax your back down to the floor and repeat. Once you’ve practiced this and are able to engage the stomach quickly you could try Wheelbarrows using the exercise ball. This is working your arms and stomach. Kneel down on the floor and place the ball in front of your thighs, lean on the ball and roll forwards so your hands touch the floor. Now walk with slightly bend arms forwards until the ball is underneath your shins, walk back until your feet (harder) or knees (easier) are on the floor then repeat. You must have your stomach engaged to be able to balance the ball. Reverse curls are a great lower stomach work out. Lay on your back and have the ball under your legs so it is touching the back of your thighs. Get your legs out, if they aren’t all ready as you need to use calves and heels to grab hold of the ball. Once stomach is engaged lift the ball off the floor and back down again. Repeat.

All we need to work on now are the obliques, these are the sides of the stomach. Russian twists can be used for this. Start with the easier version. On your back, tuck your legs up towards your chest and have your arms out straight to your side. Engage the stomach and slowly move the legs (keeping them together) to the left as close to the floor as you can before you are unable to bring them back up to the centre. Repeat this on the other side. You can have 4kg weight under your hands if you find this difficult. Once this is comfortable, straighten out the legs and do the twists. This is considerably harder!

Why not start training with your local personal trainer Cardiff this will mean that you are constantly pushed to the correct limits whilst being 100% certain that you are performing the exercises correctly and safely. These exercises are very beneficial and to ensure you know your doing them safely and correctly seek some help from Vitality Fitness personal training in Cardiff.

You can get on going motivation and great, fun exercise ideas from a Cardiff personal trainer at Vitality Fitness so give us a go!

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