What Are the Benefits of In-Home Personal Training?


Along with the many benefits of having your own private personal trainer, there are certain luxuries to having this professional all to yourself in the privacy and convenience of your own home.
Here are some of the most obvious rewards associated with “In Home Training”.

No Intimidation – No Egos
No one likes to feel out of place anywhere, especially in a gym. When exercising, perfect hair and make-up aren’t supposed to play roles in these activities, yet at the gym we see many people walking around as though they’re in a fashion show. It’s unrealistic and can make people feel intimidated about their appearance. In your own home, you can simply be you in your own environment. We won’t judge you. We’re just happy you’re exercising. We care about your well-being, not the color of your work-out attire.

No One’s Sweat But Your Own
If you have ever been to a gym, I’m sure you’ve experienced the unpleasantness of another member’s leftover perspiration on the equipment you’re about to use. I could throw in other examples to make this point, but I think you already understand the advantage of knowing that you will never deal with some stranger’s sweat while working out at home.

We Make Fitness Convenient
One of the biggest hurdles I’ve noticed with people not making it to the gym was that they either weren’t motivated to leave the house on their own or couldn’t various other reasons. When we show up at your place, not only do you not have to travel anywhere or use up fuel, but we’ll bring enough positive energy with us that you’ll look forward to not only the convenience of us bringing fitness to you, but you may very well find us to be one of the best parts of your day.

You Can Create Your Own Fitness Preferences
Maybe you like 80’s retro music, maybe you prefer Barry Manilow instead. The good news…that’s all up to you. You’re exercising in your own home. In your space, you can change the temperature, the music, refill your water bottle, use your own restroom, etc.

Never Wait For Equipment
Have you ever gotten frustrated waiting for a member to finish up on a piece of equipment so you can finally use it? Ever notice the time limitations on the cardio machines? When your trainer comes to your home for your work-outs, any and all equipment for that time frame is reserved for you and you only. No waiting, no limitations. Sooner rather than later, you can get your sets done and get on with your life!

Something to Consider
When looking for a personal trainer, don’t hesitate to meet them first and make sure the chemistry is right. Like any other business (or personal) relationship, it’s important that personalities and values compliment each other. Since not all personal trainers are created equal, find out what certifications or background education they have.

A truly qualified professional will want to know your medical history, prescriptions you may be on and any contraindications you may have to exercise. Fitness isn’t “one size fits all”! Make sure every important detail about yourself is included in your initial assessment.

You are trusting this professional fitness trainer with the most important commodity you have…your body!
Make sure they take your safety seriously.

Working with a trainer can offer so many rewards! You’ll never be alone in this heartfelt journey to be the best you can be. As long as you’ve connected with someone worthy of your trust (and money), the decision to get the help you need may just be one of the best decisions of your life!

Dana Gore is a Certified Personal Training Specialist (CPTS). In addition to many years in the fitness industry, her solid education and personal experiences with her own weight issues add credibility and heart to her advice.

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