Train Like a Trainer – Yes, It’s Possible!


Do you think that your personal trainer works out almost all day to look like he does? If you do, then you are not alone! Most people who work out under trainers believe that fitness professionals spend a majority of the day in the gym. However, this is almost as far as from the truth as it can be! You’ll be surprised to know that most trainers work out even less than you do.

Personal trainers are very much in demand nowadays. Once they make their name, their hands are full with clients whom they train throughout the day. This makes it very difficult for them to find time for exercise. So, they develop creative ideas to keep fit and use whatever little time they have for themselves. The idea is to work out smart and when it is not possible to work out hard!

You can follow this philosophy too, in case your work leaves you with very little time for exercise. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Keep a back-up plan ready. Fitness training might be an integral part of your daily schedule, but then, schedules change don’t they? What do you do when a business meeting lasts for an hour more than what it was supposed to and you miss out your gym session because you cannot go back home and get changed? You can and should keep basic gym accessories such as workout clothes, towels, shoes etc in a small bag in your car or office. This can be really helpful for getting ready to workout at short notice.

2. Set your schedule wisely. Work should always come first, but not at the expense of health and fitness. Since your training sessions are as important as any other professional commitments you have, schedule them wisely over the week. Try to fit them into free slots in your diary and keep your trainer in the loop regarding any changes in your schedule you might need.

3. Munch healthy, anytime you want. In case you do not have time for an elaborate lunch, don’t starve yourself. You can still eat at your desk, but trainers don’t even have that luxury. And neither can they munch on food while training their clients. So, what they do is keep food items such as sliced fruit, whole wheat crackers, energy bars, yoghurt, and water close to them. You can do the same for a quick bite or sip which is healthy too.

4. Something is better than nothing. If you feel that it’s best not to work out if you cannot do so for the desired period of time, you are wrong. As your trainer and he will tell you that even if you can squeeze in 20 minutes of exercise instead of 45, it helps. Trainers themselves have to settle for abridged workouts.

So, it is really important for you to believe in the fitness philosophy more than anything. If you make fitness training a way of life, you will find it as easy to workout as your trainer does. And this is what you want isn’t it?

The author has a boot camp Chino location where he teaches his clients the best ways to complete an exercise.

He is also an East Bay Personal Trainer with many years of experience.

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