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Tracy Anderson is one of the most popular trainers in Hollywood. She has trained Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Shikira, and Courtney Cox, to achieve bodies fit for an A-lister. Tracy has designed a method, based on research and her own training that gives hopes of helping women achieve bodies that are firm, toned, and defined.

History behind the Tracy Anderson Method:

Tracy always enjoyed physical activity. She was actively involved in dance as a child. After leaving home at the age of 18 to pursue a career as a professional dancer, she soon found herself with some unwanted weight gain. After much experimentation with different techniques for working out, she created a method that completely sculpted her entire body.

The Tracy Anderson Method:

After much research in muscle structure and her experience as a dancer, She developed a system that keeps her in shape, and according to Tracy, will do the same for others. Tracy has design several fitness systems that include, bars, bands, and cubes. This system is all about balance. With Tracy’s method, the small muscle groups are challenged causing the body to depend on its own balance. The goal here is to strengthen the smaller muscle groups so they could in turn affect the large muscles groups resulting in a lean body without the bulk. Tracy has also designed an apparatus called The Hybrid Body Reformer that uses a variation of dance movements that are aerobic in nature, which claim to re-sculpture the muscle structure of the body.

Because Tracy desires to share her knowledge of fitness with others in order that they might achieve the body of their dreams, she has released the following fitness tools:

• Perfect Design Series
• Beginner Dance Aerobics
• Her book: Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method: The Weight-Loss Kick-Start That Makes Perfection Possible (can be ordered at )
• Top selling DVD’s, some of which are Tracy Andersons Design Series Set $84.95. This series is also sold separately, Tracy Design Series l, ll, and lll, each for $29.95. The Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout $29.95. Some other DVD’s are:

1. No Excuses its’ time to get organized- this video has great tips for putting a workout in your schedule.
2. Get A V for Valentine’s Day-routines that help you achieve that “sexy V” shape.
3. Introduction to The Tracy Anderson Method- steps on how to transform your body using The Tracy Anderson Method.
4. Tracy Anderson Boot Camp in New York City-This video is pack with fast moves and inspiring testimonial as Tracy takes her workout to the Reebok Sports Club in New York where she leads a 2-week boot camp.

With Tracy’s well-customized method for an overall body shape, redefining and toning your body is now possible.

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