Top Ten Reasons To Add Strength Training To Your Daily Routine

Top Ten Reasons To Add Strength Training To Your Daily Routine

1. Strength training tones,Top Ten Reasons To Add Strength Training To Your Daily Routine Articles builds and firms your body.
Using any type of resistance (bands, weights, water, etc.) tones and builds the muscles. For certain exercises, even body weight can accomplish this. The muscle will become firmer and the skin around the muscle will tighten. This produces a more sculpted look.

2. Strength training burns body fat.
The higher your muscle to fat ratio, the more muscle on your body. The more muscle on your body, the more fat you’ll burn because it takes more calories to maintain muscle.

3. Strength training builds strong bones.
Bone density can be increased by strength training. Therefore, reducing the risk of Osteoporosis.

4. Strength training can be done with very little equipment.
Most people think they need expensive equipment to begin a strength training program. Not true! All you need is a set of hand held weights or several sets of weights.

5. Strength training is fun and motivating.
You may not feel motivated to begin a program at first, but after a few weeks of strength training, you’ll notice a more sculpted body. Then your motivation will build and you’ll want more of that same result. When performed in a group setting, strength training is even more fun and motivating.

6. Strength training helps rid us of mental and physical stress.
Due to the level of concentration needed when strength training and the endorphins that are being released during exercise, stress levels are greatly reduced and you’ll have a clearer head!

7. Appetite is improved due to strength training.
You learn to listen to your body and feel what it needs. After a session of weight training you may be hungry but it’s not usually for “junk food.” The body usually begins to crave whatever it needs to replenish energy after a strenuous workout. You’ll find yourself heading for fruit, yogurt, or protein.

8. Strength training is for both male and female.
Yes, women should be strength training right along with men. No, a woman won’t wake up one morning looking like a man!! Women don’t have the hormones to pack on the muscle like men do. Women who strength train will end up with shapely, sculpted bodies that look healthy and toned.

9. Strength training means your scale weight is irrelevant.
Strength training adds muscle and reduces body fat. Muscle is denser than fat. Therefore, you will not need to pay attention to your weight on a scale if you’re strength training. The scale may show you’re weight increasing but it may be because you’re adding muscle. Learn to judge by your appearance, how you feel and how your clothes are fitting.

10. Strength training is a method of self care that will get you many compliments!!
Do this for yourself! Take care of your body now – it’s never too late. Even senior citizens are strength training with amazing results. If you’re shy about accepting compliments – you’ll be learning how to accept them because many will come your way once you begin a strength training program.

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