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Welcome to Tony Little-America’s Personal Trainer-Products review, where you’re going to hear first hand from people who have used the products and come here to share their experiences with you.

I had a chance to spend some time with the Little Easy Shaper Bar. It has its good points: variable resistant cords and the ability to go from one exercise to the next. It was voted one of Tony Little-America’s Personal Trainer-Products top home products. The Little Easy comes with an instructional DVD which is as entertaining as it is informative, with Tony belting out his encouragement.

My other product from Tony was the Rock N Roll Resistance Bands. Anyone can afford this apparatus at under $20, they even let you make $5 monthly payments if you can’t make the whole payment up front. I was convinced to buy these because of Tony’s showmanship on the TSC Network. I figured he looked like he was having so much fun, why couldn’t I? The Rock N Roll bands give a really decent amount of resistance. When you look at the comfort grips and resistance bands you can really see how they are made to last. You can’t beat these bands for the price.

These shoes are made with the same kind of quality you would expect from Nike or Adidas along with a pretty unique heel design, that’s made to mimic the strain on your muscles as you walk uphill — only you feel that way whether your on a flat surface, or actually walking up a hill. These shoes are a great addition to the Tony Little-America’s Personal Trainer-Products line and should be a part of everyone’s workout gear.

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Go ahead and take a look at Crazy Tony’s products. By using one of his many, quality Tony Little-America’s Personal Trainer-Products — you might one day be as insanely hyper as he is. Of course all of his products are fully guaranteed to please: When you’ve been around the business for 25 years like he has, you stand behind the quality of what you sell.

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