Some Tips on Performing A Good Six Pack Abs Workout


If you are into various fitness workouts you should be using some of your exercise time to reduce your mid-section and firm up your abs. There are several different workouts designed to help tone the abdominal muscles if you want a firmer stomach area. When it comes to using a six pack abs workout you should consider the amount of work involved in the routine.

An exercise that is comfortable for you to do is one you will most likely stick with to get the results you want. Sit-ups are the most common way to tone up this region of the body, but they can be done in several different ways to accommodate the different bodies people have.

You can use a slanted or inclined board known as a sit-up board to perform these exercises. The board is padded and will have a bottom section where you can conveniently tuck your feet under to hold your legs in place. The ability to have your legs in a steady and secure position greatly improves your six pack abs workout so you can do the motion of the sit-up without stress or strain on your back or leg muscles.

A variation on using the incline board is the ab ball. This ball has grown in popularity over the last few years because it creates a sense of playfulness for an otherwise tedious routine. The ball is created from a molded plastic so it is durable, yet flexible to use. It is made as a large ball that you lie down over the top of with your feet planted firmly on the ground.

You then perform your sit-ups while lying across the ball. This also helps relieve stress on other regions of the body so your exercise is focused on your abdominal region. To intensify your six pack abs workout you can incorporate various weights as resistance to work the muscles even more. This can be done by holding small dumbbells or by doing some leg lift exercises that use the abs as part of the exercise motion.

When using leg lift exercises to help target the ab region it is important to have the small of your back flat against the surface you are lying on. This removes the focus from the back and places it on the lower abdominals.

If you are unsure of the kind of routine you should use to get these kinds of sculpted abs, you can pick up any one of several DVDs available from professional exercise trainers. They are available with a lot of different routines that target all the major muscle groups.

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