Personal Trainer Salaries and Pay Scale Determinations


When looking at the personal trainer salaries that are paid to those who help others with their fitness goals, there are a few things that determine them. Being a personal trainer is a career that can be very rewarding because of all the people that you will have an opportunity to help. Whether you are helping someone to grow stronger or helping them to lose weight, there is always something that will make you feel good about the job that you are doing. Here are a few things that go into determining how much a personal trainer makes.

One thing that is looked at is the knowledge one has when it comes to commercial gym equipment. This is something that everyone who is interested in being a personal trainer has to know because of the environment of the job. Usually a trainer will work in a gym or a workout center so knowledge of how different machines work different muscles is something that one has to have. In most places that hire trainers it may be a requirement for one to know everything about the different equipment that is used before getting the job.

Another thing that is looked at when you apply for a job as a personal trainer is the experience that you have. If you are someone who has never done this type of work before then you can expect to make less money than someone who has been doing it for a few years. Also, if you are certified then you can expect to make more money than someone who is not certified. There are different levels of experience that you can get that do not have to be related to how long you have worked in the field.

When determining personal trainer salaries, there are other areas that are looked at as well. The location that you want to work in is crucial to the pay scale that is offered. If you work in an area that does not have a high average income then you can expect to make less than an area that has people who make a lot of income. Also, the type of gym you are working is will affect the salary that you are paid as a personal trainer. If you work for a corporate club you might make less than a private club where memberships cost more money. There are a lot of determining factors to look at when you are trying to figure out what the salary is for this kind of job.

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