Personal Fitness Training – Are You Looking For a Personal Trainer Or a Fitness Entertainer?


What really gets me with personal training is how it in reality is more about entertainment and satisfying the clients’ often distorted views on what fitness training should be like, rather than a professional focus on results. A female is likely to be much happier with a routine leaving her bum, abs and arms sore rather than with an effective routine targeting toning and shaping (which is the reason most women come see trainers). Similarly, a man’s ego is better stroked with lifting heavier and heavier weights in exercises they enjoy and usually do well with. AND in addition to that they’re not really looking for accountability, but a mate they can chat the ears off on and off their sessions. Yes, they’re looking to do their own training while paying a professional friend to be supervising them. Is this really why we got into the industry, to be baby sitters? I know I didn’t. Trainers everywhere are accommodating their clients’ perceived needs and are doing them a disservice in doing so – in return for higher profits and a larger client base. Don’t become a victim of the disease to please, and if you are a client looking for a trainer to get you real results, be vary of the pleasers.

Contrary to what you may think, I have zero issues with relationship building or entertaining workouts – but I do have issues when the purpose for commencing the training in the first place is getting lost along the way. A girl looking for toned arms and abs will think that’s what she is getting by being sore in those areas the day after, but an intense full body workout focused on weight loss will have her arms and abs looking amazing a lot quicker. This is where WE need to educate our clients that in order to get what THEY want, it’s not about doing what they THINK will work. We need to explain that we won’t be doing and circus tricks on the Swiss Balls or use the ab-machines from TV. It is crucial that they are AWARE that in order to get A, they most of all need to do B (whatever that may be) even though C seem more entertaining. THAT is our job.

I’m quite aware that some people just want to add some exercise into their lifestyle and may care little for results other than mixing it up, keeping fit and learning new skills. That is fine. But if they come to your doorstep asking for result, you explain what needs to be done to get there the fastest, as repetitive and basic as it may be. And guess what, clients will turn you down for it, but you keep your integrity and will eventually start attracting clients that are more than happy to do what works because they know that you do nothing else. Making it entertaining is all about you, your personality and the interaction and care during your sessions. It is not about choosing circus exercises to please the clients or to show off your monkey skills.

If you are a client, don’t be afraid to ask your trainer to justify his or her routine choices. And if you are serious about real results, expect there to be some hard, repetitive and non-circus like work involved. Trust your trainers expertise and favour the ones who gets results for their clientele and follow their instructions to a T. Everything else is a waste of your money and your time if results is what you are really after.

Anders N W Lindgreen is an Swedish/Australian Fitness Specialist. Visit his website for free articles and e-books featuring the unbiased truth on Personal Fitness Training [] and Corporate Health and Fitness [].

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