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In today’s society you can do almost everything virtually. It has been argued that you can survive today without ever leaving your home. You can earn money, exchange money, and spend money right online. You can purchase almost everything you need online these days. There are even restaurants, specialty food stores and grocery stores that allow you to purchase your food online and have it delivered to your home. You can even find your soul mate without ever leaving the comfort of your home (although you need to be careful with that one.)

So, with all the convenience online, it is no surprise that you can also find diets online. Unfortunately, they have not invented a way to burn calories virtually yet. So, that website that promises the virtual treadmill to burn those unwanted pounds off, don’t bother, it won’t work (I already tried.) But, there are some definite advantages to online diet programs.

One of the biggest advantages, of course, is convenience. You can purchase everything right online and get started right away. There are no meetings to drive to, no scheduled appointment times, just you and often a survey. The online diet program will give you the freedom to get started when you are ready and before you change your mind.

Another advantage of some online diet programs are the additional resources available at your fingertips. Many have online menu design, diet tailoring, and online support groups. Some of the offline groups promise support, but you have to attend meetings to get it. They also offer newsletters or menu flyers, but these are easily lost. A website for an online diet can always be brought back up.

The anonymity of an online diet can be a positive and a negative. People may be less intimidated and more willing to sign up because no one will see their face or really know who they are. This puts the dieter at ease because if they fail, no one will really know. If you drop out of your local diet group, those other people in the group will know and it will be awkward at the grocery store and ballgame. This can also be a negative because it makes quitting a program that much easier. You lose some of that peer pressure motivation.

The lower cost of many online diets is one of the biggest benefits. Because the overhead for running an online diet business is lower than that of a managed, offline diet business the price can be lower. Since offline a company needs instructors, mentors, sales reps, etc. and online these roles are assumed first by the sales and instructional pages. The online diet company can then pass the savings on to the customer. This is important in trying to convince dieters that online diets work as well as, if not better, than traditional, offline diets.

In today’s world everything revolves around convenience. It is kind of ironic that we are working hard to make life easier, but by doing so we are impacted the health of our individuals and therefore life becomes harder. So, if online life is making us fat and unhealthy, why not use it to combat this same problem. Online diets may be the ticket to a healthier online life.

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