Interval Training: The Most Effective Method for Fat Loss


Living in the northwestern part of North America and looking to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health? You can check out a Vancouver personal trainer to aid and guide you. Vancouver is a flourishing city in beautiful British Columbia and a movie-making nexus. So, it should be no surprise to you that you can find a quality Vancouver personal trainer who can get to know you and set you up on a regimen that will allow you to meet your health and wellness objectives including fat loss but also: increasing your energy levels; sleeping better; lowering your blood pressure; or any other fitness objectives.

Now, one thing that a knowledgeable Vancouver personal trainer is sure to recommend for many people is interval training. Interval training is a training method long used by top athletes in most sports including endurance race running, triathlons, and the like. Interval training is a way of getting more energized, faster, stronger, and healthier in a relatively short time. Furthermore, interval training has been proven again and again to beat the pants off of aerobic training. In fact, after a short time aerobic training doesn’t even work for most people, which is the real explanation for why you see so many fatties doing aerobics. You think they’re beginners? No. You see those super-fit, hot-looking aerobic dancers in commercials? They’re doing a lot more than just aerobics. They, too, know the secret of interval training.

What is known as chronic cardio, or constant aerobic working out in fact leaves you even more susceptible to illness, injury, inflammation (which is always the root cause of cancer), and heart disease! This doesn’t mean that all low-impact aerobic workouts are bad. What it does mean is too much of anything is a bad thing, and interval training is needed to supplement and diminish the frequency of any aerobic workouts. It simply works with the body’s nature.

Interval training workouts are usually short–perhaps 15 minutes. But they are very, very intense. This is the kind of training that elite track sprinters do. Ever seen those guys? They are lean, flexible, and fast. They look strong all throughout their bodies, because they are. Ever looked at one of those Kenyan distance running masters? They are frail and look like one-trick ponies–because they are.

Modern and very recent scientific sports research by Dr. Izumi Tabata, Dr. Kirsten A. Burgomaster, Dr. Alan Sears, and many others again and again proves the unmatched power of interval training for losing fat and keeping it off. Among the scientific findings:

*Tabata intervals; (eight sets of 20-second running intervals at maximum intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest, done five days a week for six weeks) yield superior gains in both anaerobic and aerobic capacity compared to classical aerobic endurance running (who get zero anaerobic benefits).

*Two weeks of cycling sprint interval training (a total of six 15-minute sessions) have been shown to be enough to increase muscle oxidative potential (that is resting muscle glycogen content) and aerobic endurance capacity in trainees. These sessions comprise four to seven 30-second all-out cycling reps, with each interval separated by four minutes of recovery time.

*While low-volume sprint interval training yields rapid adaptations in exercise capacity and skeletal muscle, just as classical aerobic distance running does, it additionally increases anabolic hormones, including testosterone and GH,without increasing cortisol, and improves insulin sensitivity quickly (translation: prevents the onset of diabetes).

Sound interesting? Would you like to be able to get into the condition you need for fat loss quickly, without boring distance training that takes up hours and hours? Contact a Vancouver personal trainer to learn more. You can find a quality Vancouver personal fitness trainer by following the link below.

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