How to Increase Your Vertical Jump – What Does it Really Take?


If you are a basketball player, then learning how to increase your vertical jump will help you improve your game. This is something that every athlete strives for, no matter what sport they are playing. If you are serious about increasing your jump, then you need to know what it really takes to successfully achieve that goal.

The following are the most important things it will take for you to increase your vertical jump so you are finally seeing the results that you want to.

One: Effective training – Most athletes that are trying to increase the vertical jump are using training that is not effective. You have to be sure you are working on all the facets of jumping and not just one like most training programs teach. There are really 9 facets to improve and the right training will teach you about all of them.

Two: Discipline and consistency – You as the athlete are the one that has to discipline yourself to increase your jump because no one can do this for you. You also have to work on using the proper techniques on a consistent basis if you want to achieve the jump results you are looking for.

Three: Proper diet – Most athletes try and eat the proper diet, but are not eating like they should be because they have not learned about the foods that will help them increase their jump. You want to be sure that you eat plenty of protein because this will help your muscles grow and will help strengthen the muscle fibers in your legs.

Four: Set realistic goals – Don’t try and do too much at the start. You want to be sure you are taking the proper steps with the right techniques and start out according to your current strength. Setting goals will help you reach for the higher goals you want to achieve, but be sure you are setting realistic goals that can be achieved and then improved once you have achieved them.

Five: Support – You can’t do the right training without support from a coach or mentor. You need to have someone helping you with every step of the training for improving your vertical because even one small mistake can prevent you from achieving the results that you want to.

These are the main things that it takes if you are serious about learning how to increase your vertical jump. There are other important things involved, which you can learn about with the right training program, but these will get you started. Just remember that it will take time and dedication from you to increase your jump so don’t give up before you give yourself the chance to achieve the jump that you want.

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