How to Increase Your 5K Running Time


Make sure when you run that it is fun. This article will help to make all your running training fun. You will need commitment, dedication and lots of effort, but if you are a runner already you will definitely love this! The more miles that you cover in a week then more energy you’ll have and the stronger you’ll feel. When you are on a long run there is plenty of time to think about you. When you have longer, more frequent runs there will be more you time which will mean that you feel healthier, stronger and better about yourself. The people around you will benefit from this new you!

Let’s start with a 5k run as this is one of the most popular distances. It is imperative that when you train you have a rest day. This means no running at all. You can partake in other sports such as cycling or swimming at a easy-moderate pace if you like, but no running. Your rest days are when your body recovers from the long, hard runs and a chance to try different types of training. Your schedule will incorporate some easy runs, hard runs and speed runs. The latter can be 100% effort at times and work on stamina, leg speed and to increase lactic threshold.

If you are simply running at the same pace during each run and not incorporating any interval training then you are a beginner and this is a great place as any to start. If you are in this category then don’t increase intensity with interval training, just run and enjoy it. You should have four rest days and three two mile runs a week for the first week. The second week take the distance up to 2.5 miles with the same rest. Third week increase distance to 3 miles on two of the runs then on weekend one 2.5 miles and an additional run of 2 miles on Sunday for example. Fourth week distance in the week is 3.5 miles, then on the weekend one 3 miler and one 2 miler. Fifth week one 4 miler, one 2 miler, one 3.5 miler, and on the weekend one 3.5 miler and one 2miler. So you’ve now lost a rest day and are running five times a week. On the final week taper off with one 4 miler, one 2 miler, a rest day, one 2 miler, a rest day and then your 5k race!

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One of the aims of this article is to allow running paces which were once completely impossible to become, not only possible but comfortable for you! Why not start training at your local running club or with a personal trainer cardiff this will allow you to make new friends and increase your social circle.

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