How to Improve Your Endurance


There are two main reasons why people want to increase their endurance. The first group of people want to increase their endurance in order in exercise for longer amounts of time. This can include both cardio and strength exercises. Runners may want to run farther without becoming extremely fatigued. Others want to make the most out of every gym visit. The second group of people include those who have already built up their time endurance. It is a workout of speed and intensity that they are looking for.

People use similar strategies to achieve their endurance goals. Endurance must be built slowly. Especially for runners, there is a danger of over training and subsequently suffering an injury. Adding too many miles to quickly can delay fitness goals. Luckily, with consistent exercising and sticking to a strict schedule, a person may reap many benefits and reach their endurance goals. Tactics used by professionals to help their clients build endurance include:

  • Stretching
  • Increasing mileage / length of workout
  • Cross-training
  • Alternating running / walking
  • Working at a safe rate
  • Follow training plans

The many health benefits of these exercises will not only include the ability to perform longer workouts, but they can also also increase overall physical health, heighten mental focus, and relieve stress and tension. Endurance can also be affected by a diet. There is a reason runners stock up on carbohydrates the day before a race. Sugar provides immediate energy, protein helps build muscle, and other vitamins keep the immune system strong and the mind focused. A combination of a healthy nutrition plan and endurance building exercises will greatly increase the chances of meeting health goals.

The website of the Chicago personal trainers at B4 Health and Fitness includes more information about the ways to increase endurance.

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