How to Ensure You Find the Right Personal Trainer


Finding the right personal trainer is a unique and important choice that shouldn’t be taken lightly, mainly for the following 3 reasons:

  • The chances are your fitness goals are of paramount importance to you (or you wouldn’t be looking for a PT!)
  • Personal training isn’t a cheap addition to your monthly outgoings, so it’s got to be effective.
  • You are likely to see this person regularly, for a matter of weeks, months or years – so they will be an important person in your life!

How do you ensure you find the right one for you? I would split the decision into various essentials and personal preferences.

Your PT should be qualified, and registered with some kind of national body such as R.E.P.S (register of exercise professionals). Qualifications range from degrees in Sports Science, to more specific diplomas and certificates in Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition. Broadly speaking the trainer should be registered to at least Level 3 with R.E.P.S or similar body. Being qualified means that the PT can have public/professional indemnity insurance which means you can easily claim if something bad happens! (though this is very rare – exercise inherently has some risks..!)

You had better feel a rapport with your trainer within a few minutes of speaking with them, even if over the phone or email. The hours you spend with this person will be far more enjoyable and rewarding if you can communicate fluidly (and vice versa) with your personal trainer. Personal training should have an element of fun and laughter in it, and having a great rapport is important!

Your personal trainer should have some kind of track record of helping clients achieve their fitness or physique goals, whether it is weight loss, fat loss, strength and conditioning or simply help with nutrition and lifestyle. Whether it’s a few months or a few years – a certain level of experience counts for a lot.

Enthusiastic and good attitude?
Your PT should be passionate about health and fitness, and if this doesn’t come out when you are speaking to or reading about them then maybe give it a miss. Enthusiasm is infectious and you want your personal trainer to turn you into a nutrition conscious, exercise loving lean mean fighting machine! He or she should also show a caring and nurturing attitude. Anecdotally, I recently saw a personal trainer at a large gym chain in Cheltenham (begins with “Fitness….”) and he was standing on the treadmill, next to his jogging client, and eating a bowl of cereal. I think that sums up attitude.

I don’t know about you but I believe if someone doesn’t practice what they preach then there is something wrong. A personal trainer should LOOK healthy and be smartly turned out. Before I became a PT, my preference was always to choose a trainer that was at least leaner or larger than me, which, as a young man seeking a lean muscular body, gave me comfort that they could deliver. These days there are many great trainers that deliver with the power of their knowledge not their muscles, but let’s be honest – a fit and toned coach is not too much to ask for.

Measuring & Recording:
Without a doubt, the main indicator of a poor personal trainer is one that doesn’t measure you (weight, composition) and record what you do, whether it is every session or weekly updates to results and stats. Look for a personal trainer using a stopwatch, and one counting your tempos, reps etc. This is a sign that they are results focused! If you can’t measure it – you cant manage it. This is for true whether you are pursuing weight loss or toning or even muscle building. The luxury of having a PT is that this important element of diary keeping and progress charting is done by them! If they aren’t doing it, they probably don’t care…

So, choose carefully!

Personal Trainer Cheltenham:
James Ellis is a qualified and experienced PT, operating mainly out of a well-equipped gym in Cheltenham, as well as visiting clients in their homes and providing outdoor training. James is an expert in weight loss, muscle building and rapid fat loss. He has helped Rugby Players, Olympic Divers, Footballers, MMA enthusiasts, housewives and knee surgeons to achieve their fitness and physique goals though motivation, coaching and one on one attention!

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