“Fake It Till’ You Make It” – What the Big Chain Gyms Don’t Tell You


Have you ever been talking to someone–and know they’re not listening? It’s upsetting, especially if you have something important to say. Even more so if you are paying good money for that person to listen. Here’s the thing, I’ll lay good money that your trainer at the big chain gym–isn’t listening. Why? Nothing personal. It’s their job.

Speaking from experience here: they aren’t paid to listen to you, to consider you as an individual–because as far as their employer is concerned: you’re not. To the big chain gym you are just a consumer of services and products, that’s it. And as such, they have a formula for your consumption.

It’s simple really. Most chain gyms hire off the exercise floor. You have to fit “the look” though. Beautiful, fit people only. Experience not an issue. Qualifications? Don’t need em’. Look the part and they’ll promise to certify. The certification process is pretty straightforward. Cost: three hundred bucks. Time: two weeks. When you’re done, you’ll have mastered the fundamentals of being a trainer at the big chain gyms.

One: Sell the company’s supplements.

Two: Use the company’s pre-formulated “dialogue” to sell personal training.

Three: Sell more supplements!

Four: The golden rule is: “Keep em’ moving”

Any questions refer to rules one and four, period. Just remember the company motto: “Fake it till’ you make it”.

It’s not the trainer’s fault. It’s just what they were taught to do. They don’t have the qualifications or the training to help you, so they rely upon the company’s through lines. They sell you supplements, and training. And they “keep you moving”. Problem is: any problem you might be having all they know how to do is “keep you moving”, even if you shouldn’t be. “Keep em moving” translates as the pat response for any question that could arise. A trainer who might really want to help their client can be completely crippled by it.

Check it out: Q: How do I get someone with an ACL tear to walk straight again? A: Keep em’ Moving!

Q: How do I train someone who has recently been injured in a car accident–so they don’t re-injure themselves? A: Keep em’ moving!

Q: If someone has type 2 diabetes, and they’ve tried everything and they’re knees are still killing them, but they want to stay active-how do I train them? A: Keep em’ Moving!

I’m not over exaggerating here. These are real conversations, and real bad advice to young inexperienced trainers. It’s pretty much the norm at the big-chain gyms.

What the big-chain gyms aren’t telling you is exactly what you feared: nobody is listening. It’s just a bunch of cookie cutter regurgitation, designed to sell you on more training and more supplements, even if you don’t need it, even if it might hurt you. Everybody is just faking it.

What to look for in a trainer

In my experience there are three golden rules to what makes a good trainer

  1. Rule one:: They listen and make your goals a priority
  2. Rule two:: The trainer is competent in their craft (for example: if you have an ACL tear, your trainer should know how to train you so you don’t re-injure yourself).
  3. Rule three:: That they have experience in achievement, not just in their own life, but more importantly-in helping their clients meet their goals.

If the trainer you’re thinking about working with has these three things going for them, and you feel a positive connection-go for it! Just remember: when it comes down to it-you are in control of your health, your trainer is just a guide. So make sure your trainer knows the path that works for you.

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Cody has 12 years experience as a personal trainer. He started his career at the University of Washington as an instructor. He was in charge of running a beginning weightlifting class and was the creator of many new classes because of the demand for his knowledge and leadership skills. From there he trained at a corporate gym while gaining knowledge in the studies of human movement. He now has his own business with numerous pleased and fulfilled clients.

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