Exercise Guidelines for Great Abs


No matter which exercise program you follow to work you abdominals, there are some general fitness guidelines which you should keep in mind.

1) You are what you eat.
I know this is a cliche, but unless you provide your body with the proper nutrients, it will not perform to its maximum. Think of your body as a car. What kind of fuel are you going to put in the tank?

2) Supplement your diet.
Many studies with both athletes and active individuals show them to be short on many key ingredients despite ample food intake. It can become a major chore trying to count calories, the three major macro nutrients and trying to make sure that you are consuming enough vitamins and minerals that the body needs. A good multi-vitamin can assure you that you have all the basic nutrients your body needs.

3) Periodize your training.
Whichever exercise program you follow, don’t do it indefinitely. Change what you are doing every 4 to 6 weeks. Lower or increase the number of reps. Increase or decrease the amount of weight in your resistance workouts. Do more cardio or less. This will create some muscle confusion and keep you from “hitting a plateau”. It will also keep you from becoming bored with your workout.

4) Have a realistic short-term goal.
The key term here is “realistic”. This way you won’t get caught up on unattainable results. If you’ve spent thirty years getting out of shape, don’t expect to reverse this in one week. Don’t get me wrong, long-term goals are also important. Just remember to focus on progress.

5) Train holistically.
Don’t obsess about certain body parts. Your training should revolve around the entire body. You can do sit-ups until the end of time, but you won’t have a ripped stomach unless your burn enough calories to lower the percentage of body fat and increase overall muscle tone to increase your metabolism. You might work more on one area, but make sure that your weekly plan contains something for the entire body.

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