Do You Treat Personal Training Like a Job?


It may be that you have a job as a personal trainer so the answer would naturally be yes! Another spin on this however may be how this determines your approach when dealing with clients whether you are employed or self employed as a personal trainer. What I mean by this is that if you see personal training as a job then you may not get the enjoyment out of it that inspires others.

Why is this so important? Well lets think about that, if people are looking to lose weight and get fit, a good percentage of the time a personal trainer is there to motivate and encourage the person to succeed. The truth is that every resource available to a personal trainer is available to the potential client in one form or another. In this respect I would argue that the motivation is the important bit.

If then you view personal training as a job, the passion required to keep people motivated may be lacking. Sometimes even the most negative people can be inspired by another. I remember when I lost weight I was very nervous about getting back into the gym and I know that a lot of my clients feel very imtimdated by gyms hence why I try them at home.

If you currently work in a gym and in fairly good shape then you may not understand this but if you are training a client in this environment and you aren’t inspiring and motivated then you risk losing that client before you have even started. In our profession this is vital, if you work in a office then you can perhaps get away with being de-motivated and negative but in a gym? I am not so sure.

I am not saying that every personal trainer who is employed treats it like a job is de-motivated but it can be very easy to get comfortable when a steady wage is coming in. I firmly believe we are in the motivation and inspiration business and this should show through whether we are employed or self employed.

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