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For those of you who have never tried out kickboxing, it’s a great way to work yourself out and get a leg up on your cardio training. To get a small idea of about how much it will really help out your cardio, get up, now start punching and kicking in the air. Do it for about 30 seconds and then check out your breathing and your heart rate.

It’s pumping isn’t it. Yea it is, now that was just for 30 seconds, think of how tired you’d be after 30 minutes. Cardio kickboxing is a fantastic way to get your cardio in check while you’re having fun. This is becoming more and more poplar so finding classes shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Now not only are you working yourself out but you are also learning. No one is saying you’re going to be the next Chuck Norris or anything like that, but you are learning real moves in the kickboxing field. You will learn actual punching and kicking techniques that you could show off to your friends or even use in a worst case scenario.

Kickboxing is a fantastic cardio workout because it makes you jump up and down to kick, this requires your legs to support about 3 times your weight on each jump. The fast movements and constant pace will get your heart pumping and your muscles working at a high level.

Cardio kickboxing is spreading from gym to gym as a fun way to get back into shape. Even if you’re already in shape it’s still a great workout to help out your cardio. Simply go into your gym or local YMCA and check the boards to see if they offer such a class. Sometimes it will be included with a different class so keep your eyes open.

Another super cardio workout to consider is good old-fashioned running. May I recommend you check out [], and for setting something specific, read the Benefits of Running [] article.

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