Advantages of Training With A Personal Trainer in an Outdoor Park


A personal trainer in NYC offers an advantage, because workouts can be done in beautiful Central Park. You can take in fresh air, which is good for the lungs and have wide-open space to move around freely. Outdoor workouts are unique because there is no gym equipment, no treadmill to walk on and no ab machines. Your body weight becomes your resistance. A NYC personal trainer can take your weight loss to a new level. On average people lose more weight with personal trainers because of their concentrated approach. You get the benefits of their knowledge and learn cardio, aerobics and weight training techniques that melts fat and build stamina faster than doing it alone.

Natural elements are a valuable workout tool for multiple reasons. Large rocks, benches, hills and trails can all be used to effectively work your body into shape. Outdoor workouts challenge your body allowing for more range of motion than gym equipment. It pushes your body to work harder, which produces faster results.

Some of the most popular outdoor exercises are lunges that can be done a few different ways. Your trainer may have you do walking lunges or a combination of walking and standing lunges. Another common outdoor exercise that requires to equipment is the infamous push up. Push-ups can be done on a mat your trainer brings with them to avoid damage to your hands. Push-ups are a perfect for building muscle in the chest and upper abdomen. A personal trainer in NYC is skilled in making everyday items work to your advantage. Exercises like step-ups can be done using a bench in the park. They target each muscle in your leg and push your heart past its comfort zone.

With each New Year comes the promise of getting in shape. However, due to life, being too busy or a lack of motivation individuals find themselves making the same promise year after year. One common excuse is not knowing where to start this can be remedied with a qualified NYC personal trainer. Personal trainers not only know where to get started but also know how to keep you motivated.

With the help of a skilled personal trainer NYC you can learn how to train your body to use its own weight and strength to develop muscle. Your body uses more energy using its own weight energy that burns more calories with each workout session. You feel your muscles working immediately and you can see your results much faster. The other benefits of an outdoor or studio workout are the amount of room made available to you and the convenience. You do not have to stand in line waiting for equipment. It’s less crowded at a park so you can get your workout done in less time.

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