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As a personal trainer, my goal is to provide professional personalized fitness training to each individual client in a way that motivates, educates and optimally provides results. When I started my personal training business, I developed a set of key principles that I would apply to all of my clients. Following is a description of those principles and how I apply them.

Goals – The health, fitness and/or performance goals of my clients, become my goals. I believe that health and fitness goals are achieved through proven scientific methods and lead to great motivation and success, as well as high self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

Assessment Based – To understand each of my individual clients and how their body adapts to training, I begin with an assessment, testing the individual to see where they are in terms of cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. The assessment process helps myself and the client determine if the current exercise program is working. It also helps the client set new or realistic goals, and establishes a base starting point. Assessment testing continues throughout the personal training program to ensure the exercises are working for each individual.

Program Design – Personalized fitness programs given include time, intensity level, and types of workouts. It has been proven that the most effective way to achieve optimal health and fitness is for training levels to progressively improve through a planned series of exercise and recovery periods. All of my personal training programs progress according to each individual’s abilities and goals.

Physiological Balance – The exercise programs that I develop balance cardiovascular, flexibility, strength, and endurance training based on each individual’s exercise status and goals.

Education – I continually educate my clients on how to lead a healthy life and how that healthy lifestyle will in turn assist them in reaching their individual goals. I strive for my clients to learn and to use that knowledge long after they reach their goals and to be able to naturally make healthy exercise and nutrition decisions. I strive to teach how the exercises and nutritional choices affect each client as an individual, giving my clients the tools to succeed long-term.

Group Training – Training in small groups motivates individuals to continue moving toward their goals and keeps them focused on the healthy lifestyle path they have chosen. Group training creates a bond between each member that is centered on fitness and healthy choices as well as being an inviting social environment.

Enthusiastic – Whether a client is working out with a small group or working one-on-one with myself, each exercise session is creative, exhilarating, and fun.

Integrity – I am committed to delivering accurate, current, and physiologically sound exercise and nutrition information to each individual client through our services.

Heather Johnson is the owner of Be Envied Personal Training located in Joliet, IL. For additional information or to contact Heather, please visit http://www.beenviedpersonaltraining.com/.

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